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Get people back to work, sooner

As you bridge gaps between injured workers and employers, coverage and care, having the right support is crucial. We can help simplify the process of reaching a positive outcome by providing a complete range of professional support.

Return to Work Services

With help from our experienced team of physiotherapists, occupational therapists, athletic therapists, kinesiologists, chiropractors, psychologists, dietitians and rehabilitation assistants, your clients can recover and get back to work quickly. Let us help you find the right support with Functional Capacity Evaluations, Functional Reconditioning, Work Hardening, Job & Physical Demands Analyses and Early Injury Assessments.

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This work-oriented program assists in early, safe return to work through goal-directed reconditioning. For clients whose symptoms are stable, but need to improve their strength, endurance or mood. Individual programs are developed and progressed by a physiotherapist with an emphasis on returning function. Functional ability (including basic lifting and carrying) is tested on assessment and discharge.

Work Hardening

This fully supervised program is supported by a multi-disciplinary team to provide an environment where returning workers rebuild not only the physical ability, strength and endurance to return to work, but gain self-confidence and skills to manage pain, symptoms and fear of re-injury.

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Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

Our medical, kinesiophysical approach uses the research-based, objective testing of WorkWell protocol to identify strength and activity tolerances.

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Job & Physical Demands Analyses

A PDA/JDA is a systematic analysis performed by and occupational therapist to quantify and evaluate the physical demands of the essential tasks of a job. It is often used in conjunction with other Return to Work Services and Pre-work Screenings.

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Progressive Goal Attainment Program (PGAP)

This 10-week program developed by a psychologist, and delivered only by trained health professionals, targets behaviour change.

Worksite Visits & Ergonomic Assessments

Reduce the physical stress of a job to get a recovering worker back on the job sooner, or make their recovery easier.

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Mental Health Services

We offer mental health support for clients and workers with psychosocial and mental health issues who are demonstrating difficulty coping following injury, accident or illness.

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Pool Therapy

The Wellness Institute uses an accessible warm water therapy pool ideal for injury rehabilitation.

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Membership Follow-up

Membership with follow-up (third party funded membership) allows a worker to independently maintain gains and further progress their recovery in our gym and pool facilities.

The Wellness Institute Clinic

The Wellness Institute Clinic is a rehabilitation and preventive health clinic that houses the houses the clinical component of our lifestyle medicine services.

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