Assessments & Testing

At the Wellness Institute Clinic, we offer a range of assessment & testing packages to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Dexa Scan/DXA body composition analysis

A DEXA (dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry) is the gold standard to evaluate your body composition. The scan produces a complete picture of the body’s fat mass, lean mass, and bone density. In addition, the DEXA provides regional body fat results for the arms, legs, android (waist), gynoid (hips), and visceral (abdominal) fat. Visceral fat has been linked to metabolic disturbances and increased risk for cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. See DEXA packages below.

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Analysis

An RMR analysis measures how many calories you are expected to burn in a day at rest and the overall speed of your metabolism. Your RMR is related to your lean body mass and is a great start to understanding weight gain, loss, or maintenance. The RMR machine analyses your breathing over 10 minutes in a relaxed position. It is an easy, non-invasive test known as the gold standard for determining your caloric needs.

VO2 Max Test

VO2 max (or maximal oxygen consumption) is a measure of your body’s maximum capacity to extract, transport, and utilize oxygen during exercise. Your VO2 is positively correlated with both health and performance making it valuable to know and understand, especially with specific performance goals.


Available Packages

Dexa Scan

  • 30-minute appointment
  • Initial DEXA scan and report
  • Detailed DEXA Report using the DexaFit app



Dexa + Consultation

  • 60-minute appointment
  • Initial DEXA scan and report
  • Consultation with Exercise Physiologist
    – Dexa Evaluation
    – Health Assessment
    – Exercise Prescription
    – Goal setting


Dexa + Dietitian Consult

  • 60-minute appointment
  • Initial DEXA scan and report
  • Consultation with Registered Dietitian (check your insurance provider for coverage)
    – Dexa Evaluation
    – Dietary Review
    – Goal setting


Dexa + Follow Up

  • 30-minute appointments
  • Initial DEXA scan
  • 1 follow up scan to be completed within 6 months
  • Comprehensive DEXA Report with the DexaFit app


Dexa Annual Plan

  • 30-minute appointments
  • Initial DEXA scan and report
  • 3 follow-up scans to be completed within 12 months
  • Review of your DEXA results
  • Comprehensive DEXA Report with the DexaFit app


We can assist you get the necessary information to help you achieve your health and fitness objectives.


Additional Assessment & Testing Packages


The Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) test calculates the number of calories your body requires at rest. It complements the DEXA scan and benefits individuals aiming to manage weight, increase muscle mass, or enhance their body awareness.




This package is crafted to assist you in establishing your starting point, understanding your caloric requirements, and tracking progress over time. A follow-up DEXA is completed within a 6-month time frame to track progress.

DEXA x 2 + RMR


Fitness & Performance

The VO2 Max test offers valuable information on cardiovascular health and helps determine optimal heart rate zones. It complements the DEXA scan, making it an excellent choice for individuals focused on their fitness levels.