Functional Capacity Evaluation

Whether an employee is starting a physically demanding job, returning to work after a health challenge, or seeking disability accomodations, we help employers and insurers get essential insight into their abilities and limitations through a functional capacity evaluation (FCE).

An FCE uses measurable, objective testing to assess an employee’s physical and functional capabilities on the job. By the end of an FCE, the employee and employer will have a clear idea of whether the employee can carry out job demands safely and effectively.

The full two-day evaluation identifies performance over consecutive days and can be used for medical-legal purposes or disability evaluations using Job Demands Analyses (JDAs). Additionally, we provide FCEs related to cardiac and pulmonary conditions.

Program Details:

  • One or two-day evaluation
  • Use of WorkWell FCE guidelines to identify strength and activity tolerance
  • Comprehensive report assessing employee’s limits and capabilities

Read our referral guidelines for instructions and eligibility requirements.

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