Notice: The Wellness Institute and Our Clinic are Open. See Enhanced Safety Strategy.

There Has Never Been A More Important Time to Be Healthy. Find Out More

Safety Strategy

Our enhanced measures include a 5-point Safety Strategy that provides increased sanitation protocols, support for physical distancing, use of personal protection equipment (PPE), entrance screenings, and House Rules for Health.

Your Connected Wellness Experience

Get support for your wellness from home with one-one-one support, free tools, expert content and programs for managing chronic health issues.


From low intensity to high impact, we have classes and programs for people of all ages and fitness levels in our world-class medical fitness facility.

Our Facility

The Wellness Institute is an award-winning medical fitness facility that welcomes you in and inspires you to stay focused on your wellness journey.

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Healthy Aging

It isn't rocket science, but it is science

By 2031, seniors will be 25% of our population. Because chronic disease disproportionately affects older adults, there are broad implications. Fortunately, we can minimize the impact.

Rehab & Sports Injury Clinic

We can help speed the recovery for those who are injured at work or at play.

Wellness Webinars

Our health and fitness-focused webinars are open to all and free to join.

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Living with Chronic Conditions

Through our relationship with Seven Oaks General Hospital, choose to modify your health and fitness regimens with an option of medical supervision during exercise.


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Massage Therapy

Relieve aches and experience deep relaxation with massages from our registered therapists. Techniques include Swedish, deep tissue/trigger point, myofascial and sport massage.

Wellness for Kids

Get the whole family fit with
programs and activities for kids.
With Kid's Corner
Babysitting we're here
to help accommodate
active parents.

Healthy Weight Loss

Lose weight and keep it off for good with a combination of diet, physical activity and behaviour management - all areas Wellness specializes in.

Mental Health Services

Our mental health team can support your mental wellbeing and help you be successful in your path to improved wellness.

The Wellness Institute has an international arm called Canada Wellness Institute active in bringing wellness to China.

Emotional Wellness

Wellness starts from the inside out. Being mindful of the need to take care of emotional health, sets up the entire wellness foundation.

Diet & Nutrition

Our diet and
nutrition experts
will help you
understand which
foods to choose and
how to prepare menus,
because sometimes
it's mind over meals.

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Corporate Health Services

Bring Wellness to the workplace with work injury prevention and management programs, return-to-work services and our Executive Medical Assessment.

Changing the Way Healthcare is Delivered

That's the vision of Seven Oaks Hospital's Chronic Disease Innovation Centre (CDIC).