The Wellness Institute has received numerous awards and recognition for its work in Winnipeg and beyond.
  • 2023 – Medical Fitness Association (MFA) Pioneer Award for advancing medical fitness
  • 2023 – MFA Program Innovation Award for the Cardio-Metabolic Risk Reduction Program
  • 2019 – recognized as Canada’s Most Health-Promoting Hospital, CCHL, Healthcare Management Forum 1-5
  • 2016 – recognized as Canada’s Upstream Hospital Leader in Healthcare Quarterly, Vol 18 No. 4
  • 2016 – Nu Step Silver Pinnacle award for WI’s comprehensive approach to supporting older adults to take charge of their health and wellness and providing tools to remain independent so they can continue to make meaningful contributions to their community
  • 2012 – MFA Program Innovation Award for the COPD Self-Management Program: an innovative program between a hospital and medical fitness facility to support patients at discharge with education and supervised exercise
  • 2011 – Accreditation Canada’s Leading Practice Award for exercise programs for kidney patients as part of their treatment
  • 2011 – Excellence in Program Innovation for Older Adults – International Council for Active Aging
  • 2005 – MFAs Distinguished Achievement Award for Top Medical Fitness Facility
  • 1997 – Facility of Merit Award (outstanding facility) – Athletic Business
  • 1997 – Accessible Design Award, City of Winnipeg
  • WHO – recognized as a Health Promoting Hospital

Research and Publications


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Wellness Institute Services Evaluation Research (WISER)

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