Ergonomic Assessments

Sitting or standing for prolonged periods at work can wreak havoc on the body. When not addressed, this can lead to serious injury, chronic pain, and unnecessary discomfort and fatigue.

Creating an ergonomic workspace—designed to promote comfort, reduce pain and boost productivity—is a core pillar of a healthy workplace. Our occupational therapists can help you reduce repetitive strain complaints through a comprehensive ergonomic assessment.

This solutions-oriented program incorporates a worksite visit to assess job demands and recommend effective ergonomic modifications. Our occupational therapist builds trusting relationships with your employees. During the visit, they’ll provide individualized feedback to promote compliance with safe work procedures.

We also offer online assessments when a work site visit isn’t feasible, or when work takes place from remote/home offices. Watch the video below t o learn more.

Program Details:​

  • In-person or virtual worksite visit from an occupational therapist
  • Identification of problem areas in the workplace
  • Detailed and accessible recommendations for ergonomic modification
  • Promotion of employee responsibility and behaviour change through safe body mechanics training

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