Membership – Etiquette

A facility for the community

People come to the Wellness Institute to start living healthier, better lives — so it’s important that everyone feels comfortable while in the facility. We hope these guidelines will help all members understand our facility etiquette and encourage all to do their part to help keep things clean and respectful.

Facility rules and membership regulations can be found in the Member Handbook.

Be scent sensitive

Scented products like perfume, hair spray, deodorant and other cosmetic items can aggravate health problems for people who suffer from asthma, allergies and other conditions. Please refrain from wearing or applying scents of all sorts in the facility, especially sprays.

Use mobile devices appropriately

While your device may be your source for music and fitness tracking while you work out, please use it respectfully and avoid use in private areas. Our change rooms are intended to offer a relaxing and private atmosphere for all. No photography or video recording in the locker areas or use during classes.

Take care of your equipment

Wipe down machines, mats and any equipment after use to remove sweat and germs. Do not drop free weights. Repeated impact will cause damage. Put weights and other equipment back after you are done. When others are waiting for cardio equipment, please stick to the 30-minute time limit.

Use caution on the track

Wait for a break in traffic to cross the track to avoid collisions with runners and walkers. Note that inside lanes are set aside for walking, with outside lanes moving at a faster pace. Traffic is one way and alternates direction; check directional arrows at the end of the track every day.

Help keep pool time as warm as the water

Respect and a positive tone helps keep the pool inviting. Classes and spots are first-come-first-served. If someone is in your preferred spot, please choose another. We understand that there are reasons for wanting the door open or closed, but please decide together respectfully during free time or when the class votes. The instructor's decision is final. Find out more about pool maintenance and features for accessibility.

Cover up

Whether you consider it an issue of hygiene or consideration of other members, you must wear a bathing suit in the hot tub and a towel or bathing suit in the steam room. After, please cover up while lounging on the couches, and use a towel when sitting on the benches to change.

Keep the focus on fitness in class

Help keep classes fun and safe for all by saving personal conversations for after the workout. This allows everyone to hear the cues and lets our instructors focus on the routine and the safety and form of participants. Of course, we encourage you to speak up for help when needed.

Don't make running late for class your cardio

We understand that some commitments require you to arrive a bit late or leave a bit early. If this is the case, please take a spot as close to the equipment area as possible, move equipment carefully, and enter or leave quietly. If you are more than 10 minutes late, please wait for the next class.

Book your court time

Avoid misunderstandings on the badminton courts by booking your time in advance. While you may use an empty court without booking, you must end your game and give up the court to any group who has booked the time. Ask our front desk about the booking policy for more details.

Park appropriately

Follow the directional signs marked on posts and on the pavement in our member lot and avoid double parking. Taking up more than one spot during busy times uses up potential spaces for other members. Save the pink stalls for members visiting with small kids.

Keep the facility clean

Shower before entering the pool, whirlpool or steam room. Creams, make-up, dust and sweat make it harder to keep wet areas clean over time. Keep street shoes in the locker areas. Use the provided bins to return used rental towels.

Be respectful

Treat other members and staff respectfully. It’s not just the Golden Rule but a policy that we will enforce. Abuse of any type is forbidden.