Corporate Wellness

Experience Wellness at work

An investment in wellness is an investment in the future. Business leaders turn to us to build healthy workplaces through injury management and prevention programs.

From pre-employment screenings to return-to-work programs, we offer comprehensive corporate wellness services administered by certified health practitioners. Our team can help you foster a workplace culture of health, safety, and wellness.

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Executive Health Assessment

Invest in your business with a comprehensive executive health assessment. A physician gives you an in-depth look into your health to target wellness and early disease prevention.

Pre-employment Screenings

As a business leader, you invest a lot in your employees. Pre-employment screenings ensure your new hires can get the job done safely and effectively.

Return to Work Programs

Help your clients and employees get back on their feet. Our rehabilitation team can speed up the recovery process and promote a safe return to work.

Functional Capacity Evaluation

A functional capacity evaluation assesses an individual’s physical capabilities and limits at work. Our medical, kinesio-physical approach uses evidence-based practices to identify strength and activity tolerances.

Ergonomic Assessment

Reduce repetitive strain complaints in your workplace with an on-site ergonomic assessment. A qualified occupational therapist will assess problem areas at your workplace and make recommendations for change.

Injury Prevention Programs

Prevent workplace injuries from happening in the first place through expert guidance. Our team can teach your employees how to reduce their risk of repetitive strain injury.


Let us bring wellness into your workplace. Our presentations and workshops help you and your employees create a thriving, safe, and healthy environment.

Mental Health Programs

How we think and feel intricately links to our performance at work. Our team of mental health professionals equip your employees with the tools to manage stress and promote behavioural lifestyle change.