The Wellness Institute App

Explore Your Connected Wellness Experience Anytime, Anywhere.

The Wellness Institute app helps you  with self-led workouts for different skill levels and fitness abilities, and wellness online services that link you to various resources and tools. The app also allows you to track your progress, monitor your health data, and has a handy link to Wellness Online Services. Whether you want to improve your strength, endurance, flexibility, or balance, the Wellness Institute App has something for you. Request an invite or speak to a Wellness Consultant on the floor and start your wellness journey.

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Use the Wellness Institute App to Support Your Fitness Goals

Access Live Virtual Classes (and More)


Join your favourite instructors for free, live weekly classes held via Zoom. 

Use the app to link to Wellness Online Services quickly. Active members can book starting 24 hours before class. Return to get your virtual class link 10-minutes before class starts.

Once logged in, you can also:

  • enrol for your weekly in-person and virtual classes
  • register for seasonal programs
  • book court times and massage therapy appointments
  • manage your member account 

Go at Your Own Pace with Featured Programs


The app includes Featured Programs for a collection of self-led workouts designed for different skill levels and fitness abilities. Each workout contains a mix of exercises with video demonstrations. 

This practical approach to training will help plan effective, balanced workouts that are focused on your goals. 

Programs include bodyweight-only options so you can continue your workouts even if you don't have equipment on hand. 

Setting Up the Wellness Institute App

Access to the Wellness Institute App is included with your membership.

When you join, you will receive one email with an invitation to set up the app. Look for an email from with a link to set up your account. Links to download the app for iPhone or Android will appear after you choose your password. After your initial login, the app will not require you to re-enter your password. 

Not sure where your invite is? Request it be resent:

Using The Wellness Institute App You Can Also:

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