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We do things differently to give you your best chance of success.

The Weight Loss Clinic is a behavioural weight loss program with physician oversight to ensure all weight loss plans are medically sound, safe, and effective. Our program goes beyond a meal and exercise plan to address the issues that affect your success, from stress triggers and emotional eating to sleep habits and a healthy mindset.

Our Health-centric Approach

Obesity is a complex condition. Our health-centric approach – together with proven practices in exercise, nutrition, counselling, behaviour change, and medical care – provides the tools and supports to help you reach your best weight. Our team of experts will develop a customized program to address your unique challenges with health and lifestyle. This evidence-based approach supports healthy relationships with food, exercise and your body to create lasting, sustainable changes.

Finding your
Best Weight

Personal successes at the Weight Loss Clinic are as unique as your customized program. We know that bodies come in all shapes and sizes. Your coaches are here to support you in finding your “best weight”: the weight where you live a balanced and vibrant life, and feel healthy and confident in your body.

Break free from restrictive or extreme dieting and exercise mindsets and welcome sustainable changes that truly help you live your best life. It begins with a minimum 4-month commitment to yourself and your lifestyle transformation.


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For details, contact Shayla Krowiak, Clinical and Fitness Support Specialist
at 204-632-3942 or skrowiak@sogh.mb.ca.

The Wellness Institute Weight Loss Clinic difference lies in delivering a truly personalized plan that gives you your best chance to build the lifestyle that supports your best weight.

Your Customized Program Includes:

  • A comprehensive health and fitness assessment:
    A health risk screening, biometric evaluation with testing of blood pressure and values, InBody Analysis to measure body composition and resting metabolism, plus strength and cardiovascular fitness assessment help us tailor your program.
  • A nutrition analysis focused on your nutritional needs and understanding your eating habits and relationship with food:
    A Registered Dietitian works with you to build sustainable changes that are aligned with your food preferences and health needs.
  • Counselling sessions to support changes in how we think about failure and success, fostering awareness of our habits, finding solutions to barriers and understanding the “why.”
  • Ongoing support from both a Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer creates accountability and realistic goals for a healthy, balanced lifestyle.
  • Consultation with Physician for medical support for obesity-related health conditions and weight loss medication* (as appropriate).  Medication may help you in your weight management journey when behaviour changes alone have not been effective or sustainable. 
  • Access to mobile-friendly tools to support your success including our Wellness Institute app and EatLove meal planning tool so you can follow your plan wherever you go
  • Access to the Wellness Institute exercise facility including weekly classes and parking
  • $100 off Nutrigenomix™ genetic testing for personalized nutrition (optional).

Dietitian and Counselling sessions may be covered under third-party insurance plans. Contact your insurer for coverage details. Receipt provided.

*Cost of medication not included.

Here are just some of the beneficial changes Weight Loss Clinic clients experiences in as little as 4 months::

  • Move better and with less pain
  • Improve your mood and energy
  • Lower your blood pressure and bad cholesterol
  • Improve blood sugar levels
  • Reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes

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minimum 4-month commitment

The Weight Loss Clinic Offers Proven Results

In research conducted by the University of Manitoba and the Chronic Disease Innovation Centre*, Weight Loss Clinic participants who completed the program prior to March 2020 achieved the following key outcomes:

  • Weight loss of 6% of initial body weight, on average
    A 5% weight loss is associated with a reduction in risk of developing heart disease and diabetes
  • 80% of participants gained valuable lifestyle changes
    Positive lifestyle changes are key to achieving lasting results and lowering health risks.
  • 100% of participants would recommend the Weight Loss Clinic to a friend or family member
    Satisfaction is an important measure for the clinic, reflecting the customized support and achievements made throughout the journey.

* publication pending, not yet peer reviewed

Clinically-managed Weight Loss with
Your Weight Loss Clinic Team


Ashley Derlago

Manager of Coaching Services

Ashley has worked at the Wellness Institute in a variety of different roles while serving a diverse clientele. She currently oversees weight management, personal training and special events. Ashley is passionate about helping clients achieve their health and wellness goals and they are equipped with the tools for long term success.


Bachelor of Kinesiology, B. Kin

Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology Certified Exercise Physiologist, CSEP-CEP

Exercise is Medicine Level 2, EIMC Level 2

CPR/First Aid


Darren Gudmundson

Personal Trainer

While Darren enjoys working with clients to strive for their goal weight, he also enjoys training functionally to improve other areas of fitness and increase overall health and well-being. He has experience working with a variety of different populations with a wide range of goals. He likes to develop positive relationships with all of his clients and offer support in any way he can.


Bachelor of Kinesiology, B. Kin

Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology Certified Exercise Physiologist, CSEP-CEP

CPR/First Aid


Laura Creek Newman

Registered Dietitian

Laura is a Registered Dietitian with nearly 10 years experience working in a variety of settings. She believes that food not only nourishes but is meant to be enjoyed. She is passionate about good nutrition and empowering her clients to reach their wellness goals.


Registered Dietitian, RD

Certified Bariatric Educator, CBE

CPR/First Aid


Jenn Gashinski

Registered Dietitian

I am passionate about working with my clients to reach their goals and to help them find the confidence they need to succeed.  I work hard on creating a supportive and motivating environment while taking a holistic approach to nutrition. With years of experience I have many practical tips to share with my clients regarding their nutrition concerns. I always make sure they continue to eat their favourite foods and most importantly help them have a mindful,  healthy relationship with food.


Registered Dietitian, RD

Certified Diabetes Educator, CDE

CPR/First Aid

Mental Health First Aid

Completion of "The Principles and Practice of Interdisciplinary Obesity Management for Dietitians"


Kamara Tayo-Jones

Social Worker

Kamara holds a Master’s of Social Work degree and a Bachelor of Arts & Science degree in psychology. She is a registered social worker with the Manitoba College of Social Workers and has worked in health and social services for over 21 years. Kamara has been an instructor for the University of Manitoba and provided mental health services in regional health programs. In her current role, she supports clients to manage chronic diseases, promote healthy behaviour change, and improve healthy living.


Master’s of Social Work

Bachelor’s of Arts and Science


Dr. Kevin Saunders

Medical Director, the Wellness Institute

Dr. Saunders is a noted Family Physician who was one of the founders of Wellness Institute at Seven Oaks General Hospital. He has served as Chair of the Manitoba College of Physicians and Surgeons and has been active in the College of Family Physicians of Canada program Doctors Promoting Active Living, which challenges physicians to stimulate communities and politicians with ideas on increasing health and wellness through physical activity. He is a long-standing advocate of Exercise is Medicine and oversees the medical team at the Wellness Institute.




Tools to Support Your Success


We incorporate our fitness app and meal planning tool to support you in reaching your lifestyle goals.

For Fitness & Coaching

Use the Wellness Institute app to view and track your workouts, monitor your weight, and message your coaches wherever you are. 

Support is never far away. You can reach your weight loss coaches throughout the program by email or phone.


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For Meal Planning

Our online meal planning service, EatLove, helps you plan, shop for and prepare balanced and nutrient dense meals.

The platform helps you create nutritious meal plans based on your unique needs and preferences. Eating well means having the flexibility to adapt your eating to your life. Eatlove puts you in control, encouraging you to customize your meals and preferences.


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Building on Your Success

The time after you’ve reached your goal can be tricky. We help you find the right balance with our Maintenance Program.

Maintenance Program

The progression to maintaining your weight is crucial to your long-term success and, unfortunately, where most plans fail to provide the needed support. With the Weight Loss Clinic, support continues beyond weight loss with a maintenance program to help you successfully transition to a new normal, manage setbacks and live your best life.

Continue with your Weight Loss Coaches
for your best chance of success.



What Our Clients are Saying

Individual results may vary. All advice and programs provided by the Weight loss Clinic are personalized.

“ I have learned so much about exercises/exercise programming, nutrition, food, health, and about myself. They (the dietitian and personal trainer coaches) have both offered suggestions for how to stay motivated and keep on track and that it’s OK to have bad days. Jennifer (dietitian coach) ... has taught me so much about nutrition and how to implement change in my diet for life-long change."
- Anne (age 43) -

“I have settled into a schedule of 3 aquasize classes and 3 trips to the gym per week. And ... this morning weighed in at 188.7lbs, down 40 from when I first visited you back in mid-June (7 months ago)!  Thank you so much for the motivation and information you helped me with that allowed me to get to this point in my journey to good health."
- John (age 64) -

Is the Weight Loss Clinic Right For Me?

The program may be right for you if you are at least 18 years old and:

  • A doctor or other health care provider has told you to lose weight or that your weight is putting your health at risk
  • You are concerned about your weight or you have health problems such as diabetes or high blood pressure
  • You are serious about losing weight but have been unsuccessful in losing weight on your own

Contacting the Clinic

Manager of Coaching Services,
Ashley Derlago

Clinic Hours

Monday –Thursday:  7:00am -7:00pm
Friday:  7:00am – 4:00pm
Weekends:  CLOSED