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iCare Toolbox

The concept of the I Care Toolbox is to allow front-line staff to recognize where we (as in the ‘royal we’) may have wronged and inconvenienced a member – and have the ability to immediately acknowledge the inconvenience we may have caused them and make it right.  In the I Care Toolbox, we have $3 and $7 vouchers for the café, $20 vouchers for the Wellness (please read the inclusions/exceptions) and Promotional Passes.  The promo passes are in there if a drop in or guest had a concern that we are trying to correct.

Let’s say, for example, a personal training client shows up for her appointment, and the Personal Trainer’s alarm didn’t go off, and they didn’t make it in for their client.  In this instance, a $3 or $7 voucher to grab breakfast at the café could appropriately acknowledge the inconvenience to the member.  We would sincerely apologize for the mishap, ask if they’d like something from the café/breakfast on us for the error, and offer to notify the trainer to reschedule their appointment.

If there is a mishap with a larger group, for example, an instructor is a no-show for a class, and 20 people have been waiting in the room and weren’t aware, we would consider a $3 voucher for those participants.

You would then go to the I Care Toolbox and get the voucher(s), note the number on the voucher (voucher numbers are on the back and promo pass numbers are on the front – you will see them), and pass it along to the client.  You would then mark down on the logsheet what you gave, why you gave it, who you gave it to, and your name.  Please avoid ‘logging’ this info while the person waits – not only do we not want to keep them waiting if we don’t have to, but we would prefer not to air our dirty laundry (aka letting them see a list of ‘issues’ we have worked through).  Please ensure you have all this information on the logsheet so we can monitor the use of the toolbox (ie trends that perhaps can be addressed so the issue doesn’t continue happening).  In the case of issuing items to a class/group, you do not need to get the names of each person – you can simply record all the voucher numbers on their own line and say “9:15 Yoga Class”.

Please note that there is a spot on the bottom right corner of each voucher, and the front of the Promo passes where you are to put an expiry date (handwrite it one year from the date you issue it) and sign your initials.

This toolbox is located at the front desk near the emergency phone.  The Front Desk Associate can assist you with the process.

As an example, the toolbox CAN be used if:

Staff slept in and we opened late

Client showed up for assessment and staff called in sick

Parent comes with child to Kids Corner but there is no space due to a booking discrepancy

Yoga instructor 30 minutes late

Signed up for pool class but closed at last minute

The toolbox SHOULD NOT be used if:

•       Someone hasn’t used their membership in the last 2 months

•       A pool class is full

•       Someone gets injured at the WI

•       Someone complains about something needing to be cleaned

•       Someone has to wait 20 minutes for a stress test

This will be something new for everyone, so all we suggest is that you use your best judgment in each situation!  If you have any questions, please feel free to connect with your Manager.

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