Return to Work Services

Speed up the process of getting workers back on the job

With help from our experienced team of physiotherapists, occupational therapists, athletic therapists, kinesiologists, chiropractors, psychologists, dietitians and rehabilitation assistants at the Wellness Institute Clinic, your clients and employees can recover and get back to work quickly.

We have many years of experience in handling both physical and mental health issues with services for a straightforward recovery to a complex or prolonged case. We document a range of measures and provide the clear, objective reporting you need to track engagement and progress as your client moves toward their return to work in a safe, timely way.

To fully support their recovery process, our team will work with you to offer a range of services suitable for workers with acute or chronic injuries, chronic pain, psychosocial and mental health issues, cardiac or other medical conditions.

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Many of our services can be delivered virtually, through video or phone-based appointments, programs, or presentations.

Safe Return to Work Takes the Support of a Team.

Supporting a variety of recovery needs requires a team of professionals from a variety of disciplines. Meet the professionals behind our programs.

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In addition to offering comprehensive programs for the recovery process, a safe return to work plan may include:

Post COVID-19 Rehabilitation and Recovery Program

Post Knee/Hip Replacement Physiotherapy

A post-surgery program will optimize your recovery and overall success of your joint replacement.


This work-oriented program assists in early, safe return to work for clients whose symptoms are stable, but need to improve strength, endurance or mood. Individual programs are developed and progressed by a physiotherapist. Functional ability is tested on assessment and discharge.

Functional Capacity Evaluation

Our medical, kinesiophysical approach uses the research-based, objective testing of WorkWell protocol to identify strength and activity tolerances. Testing procedures help identify any self-limiting behaviours while ensuring no injuries occur during testing.

Pre-work Screenings

Ensure that the people you hire are physically capable of performing a job, especially if the job is physically demanding.

Work Hardening

Returning workers rebuild not only the physical ability, strength and endurance to return to work but gain self-confidence and skills to manage better.

Mental Health Services

Our team can support your mental wellbeing and help you be successful in your path to improved wellness.

Job & Physical Demands Analyses

A PDA/JDA is a systematic analysis performed by an occupational therapist to quantify and evaluate the physical demands of the essential tasks of a job. It is often used in conjunction with other Return to Work Services and Pre-work Screenings.

Early Injury Assessments

Partner with us to have employees assessed early after injuries at the Wellness Institute Clinic. Physiotherapists may be able to provide treatment that can help them recover and return sooner or keep them at work, even if on light duties.

Ergonomic Assessments

Reduce repetitive strain complaints in your workplace with an ergonomic assessment at your site or by online appointments.

Worksite Visits

Reduce the physical stress of a job to get a recovering worker back on the job sooner, or make their recovery easier.

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Corporate Health Services

Bring Wellness to the workplace with work injury prevention and management programs, return-to-work services and our Preventive Health Assessment.