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Speed up your recovery at our on-site clinic. Our professional staff provides personalized care for a broad range of conditions. They will help you recover from an illness, injury or accident and get you back to your daily life, your sport, or your work safely.

Your first visit always includes an assessment of your condition as well as treatment so you can start your recovery right away. If you are not sure which service offers the best support for your needs, our desk staff will be happy to help.

All our experts focus on evidence-based practice and the best course of treatment needed by you to recover or manage chronic pain or injury.

Contact the clinic at 204-632-3910 or email

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Some services can be delivered virtually, through video or phone-based appointments, programs, or presentations.

The Wellness Institute Clinic welcomes clients with a private reception area just inside the main Wellness Institute entrance. Within our large clinic space, we are able to offer private treatment spaces as well as dedicated exercise equipment and a team dedicated to your care. Onsite group pool therapy may be recommended for your recovery. Enjoy the convenience of onsite babysitting while you visit.

Appointment times

Mon – Thurs:
7:30am - 7:00pm

Fri: 7:30am - 4:00pm

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Guests and members are welcome without referral.
Direct billing to MPI, WCB and Blue Cross is available for services, excluding massage therapy.
See links to our services below for rates.

Looking for Workplace Injury Management and Prevention Programs?
Return to Work Services  and Corporate Health Services housed in the clinic help employers and workers with recovery and preventative approaches.

Our Rehabilitation & Sports Injury Clinic can help with your recovery after a car accident, workplace injury or sports injury.
See a physiotherapist, athletic therapist, chiropractor or massage therapist for help with recovery from or management of:

  • injury to muscles, ligaments and tendons,
  • sprains and strains,
  • recovery after surgery or fracture,
  • repetitive strain injury (carpal tunnel syndrome),
  • tendonitis,
  • whiplash,
  • neck or back pain,
  • postural strain,
  • TMJ (jaw) problems,
  • headaches/dizziness,
  • plantar fasciitis,
  • chronic pain,
  • bursitis,
  • arthritis.

Primary Care Providers... use our referral form.

Safety Strategy

Our enhanced measures include a 5-point Safety Strategy that provides increased sanitation protocols, support for physical distancing, use of personal protection equipment (PPE), entrance screenings, and House Rules for Health.

Your Connected Wellness Experience

Get support for your wellness from home with one-one-one support, free tools, expert content and programs for managing chronic health issues.

Post Knee/Hip Replacement Physiotherapy

A post-surgery program will optimize your recovery and overall success of your joint replacement.


Our physiotherapists help with musculoskeletal assessment and treatments. These may include manual therapy, soft tissue work, acupuncture or other pain relieving techniques and therapeutic exercise.

Chiropractic Services

Our experts help provide pain relief and recovery from injury with Active Release Techniques, manipulation, acupuncture and soft tissue techniques and rehabilitative exercise.

Athletic Therapy

A rehabilitative exercise prescription by an athletic therapist assists with recovery as well as the development of the strength, coordination, balance and flexibility you need to prevent re-injury and continue an active lifestyle. Some treatments use pain modalities like acupuncture to aid relief.

Neurological Physiotherapy

The goal of Neurological Physiotherapy is to enable the brain to re-learn, adapt, and change itself to address problems with balance, changes in muscle strength and tone, and reduced mobility.


This work-oriented program assists in early, safe return to work for clients whose symptoms are stable, but need to improve strength, endurance or mood. Individual programs are developed and progressed by a physiotherapist. Functional ability is tested on assessment and discharge.

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Return to Work Services

Our rehabilitation team members are certified in their fields and here to support quick, safe and effective recovery.

Arthritis & Joint Replacement Rehab

People living with arthritis or recovering post-surgery often have unique requirements on their path to wellness and can require adapted programs, therapeutic treatment, or even direct supervision during exercise.

GLA:D Program

The Goodlife with Arthritis program is a evidence-based education and exercise program that helps people with hip and knee osteoarthritis manage symptoms and improve their quality of life.

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Massage Therapy

Relieve aches and experience deep relaxation with treatment by our registered therapists.


When it comes to nutrition, a one-size-fits-all approach really doesn’t fit all. We each respond differently to foods, vitamins, and dietary habits. Find out what works best for you based on your genes, not food trends.

Appointments with Doxy.me

Mental Health Services

Our team can support your mental wellbeing and help you be successful in your path to improved wellness.

Early Injury Assessments

Partner with us to have employees assessed early after injuries at the Wellness Institute Clinic. Physiotherapists may be able to provide treatment that can help them recover and return sooner or keep them at work, even if on light duties.

Meet our Team

Our rehabilitation team members are certified in their fields and here to support quick, safe and effective recovery.

Diet & Nutrition

Our diet and
nutrition experts
will help you
understand which
foods to choose and
how to prepare menus,
because sometimes
it's mind over meals.

Foot Care

A foot care nurse can help improve overall foot health by treating corns, calluses and toenails, assess circulation, sensation and mobility issues and assess risk for diabetic ulcers.

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