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We're here to help you take charge of your health ... and to raise the health standard in our communities.

As world leaders in lifestyle medicine, we help to prevent illness, improve quality of life, and enhance health outcomes for those who have developed a chronic condition.

Beyond improving the lives of individuals, the Wellness Institute was created to positively impact population behaviour and health, helping to reduce demand on healthcare resources.

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A self-supporting non-profit organization, the Wellness Institute is the Lifestyle Medicine department of Seven Oaks General Hospital. We are an important part of the continuum of care offered at the hospital, providing lifestyle medicine services for prevention, recovery, and rehabilitation.

Through this close relationship with the Hospital, we are able to safely improve and maintain the health and well-being of our clients, with a team of medical experts in our corner. We also partner with the Hospital in applied research on chronic disease treatment and prevention through lifestyle medicine.

See how Seven Oaks created the Wellness Institute and Chronic Disease Innovation Centre to help patients stay well and out of hospital:

The Seven Oaks Story

Lifestyle Medicine and the Wellness 10

Chronic diseases that are influenced by lifestyle choices, like heart disease and diabetes, are the leading cause of mortality worldwide, and a huge strain on our healthcare systems. In fact, 80 percent of all deaths* are caused by poor lifestyle – which means that making better lifestyle choices puts you in charge of how well, and even how long, you live!

The Wellness Institute offers a full range of lifestyle medicine services that are evidence-based and medically integrated. The Wellness 10 provides a foundation for positive lifestyle recommendations through these programs. We created the Wellness 10 to focus on proven behaviours that have the biggest impact on wellness and quality of life now and over time.

Discover the Wellness 10.

* WHO, Geneva 2005


Medical Supervision in a World-class Facility

People living with chronic conditions, and those recovering from injury, often have unique requirements on their path to wellness.

The Wellness Institute is a Certified Medical Fitness Facility designed to provide a comfortable and welcoming environment for people of all health and fitness levels to improve their overall wellness. To earn and maintain this certification, we are required to provide active, regular medical oversight by qualified and credentialed staff, programs for disease management and lifestyle change, individual health screenings with exercise prescription, and safety policies supported by the ability to respond to emergencies.

Our 80,000 square foot state-of-the-art complex includes our gym and track facilities and warm water therapy pool, as well as the Wellness Institute Clinic, housing the focused clinical component of our lifestyle medicine services; a kitchen classroom for our nutrition services; a child care facility; and conference and meeting rooms.


Certified Medical Fitness Facility


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International Council for Active Aging Award

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To support optimum health and wellness by promoting and supporting active healthy lifestyles in world class medical fitness facilities.


To be a world leader in the prevention and management of chronic disease.


We will accomplish our vision:

  • through medical oversight and integration with health case,
  • with individualized health assessment and lifestyle prescription;
  • by offering health risk reduction advice and programming;
  • with programs to support chronic disease management and prevention;
  • using evidence-based programming, continuous evaluation and tracking;
  • by ensuring robust safety and emergency policies, plans and training;
  • with rigorous quality assurance and performance measurement;
  • through a commitment to improving the health of the community; and
  • by delivering the highest quality service to outstanding facilities.

Supporting World Leaders in Chronic Disease Prevention and Management Research

Internationally-renowned medical researchers at Seven Oaks General Hospital and the Hospital’s Chronic Disease Innovation Centre are improving the lives of patients and reducing mortality rates, in part through studies conducted at the Wellness Institute. Medical researchers have unique access to evaluation opportunities in our facility, and the results of their research serve to expand the evidence base for how lifestyle medicine and other innovative approaches contribute to chronic disease prevention and management.  Explore past projects and trials that we have partnered in.

By working with these top researchers, it is our vision to change the way healthcare is delivered and to improve the lives of patients, leading the way in the personalization of healthcare through lifestyle medicine.

Learn more about the Chronic Disease Innovation Centre.

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Sharing Expertise and Innovation

We are committed to leading positive change in our community and beyond.
Here’s how we’re sharing our expertise in lifestyle medicine with other healthcare providers around the world:


Get Better Together

This program is designed to help Manitobans living with chronic conditions deal with the challenges of ongoing health concerns or disabilities.

Icon Exporting Wellness

Exporting Wellness

The Wellness Institute model of lifestyle medicine is applicable beyond Canada. The first international locations of the Canada Wellness Institute opened through partnerships in China. A joint venture will scale the model across China through world-class facilities and digital technologies for online health management.

Training Icon

Training Programs

We provide formal training and certification programs for fitness instructors and other healthcare professionals looking to adopt our lifestyle medicine principles into their practice


A Certified Medical Fitness Facility, Lifestyle Medicine Centre, and World Leader in the Prevention and Management of Chronic Disease

As a global leader in lifestyle medicine, we are committed to being at the forefront of the research, prevention, and management of chronic diseases that are influenced by lifestyle factors..

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