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The foundation for health and wellbeing is an active lifestyle.

The Wellness Institute offers fitness options for people of all fitness levels. Whether you are just starting out, looking for a challenge, recovering from injury or illness, or if you require close medical supervision as you deal with a chronic condition, our degreed and certified staff will help you safely meet your goals.

There is no age limit for an active life. We are never too old (or too young) to enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle. Beyond reducing the risk of chronic disease and injury, an appropriate fitness program helps to enhance our quality of life. Older adults are our largest membership group and participate fully at our fitness facility.

Whatever your fitness level – high intensity or low impact, there is something for you. Browse fitness options from group classes to personal training below.

The Wellness Institute is a Certified Medical Fitness Facility, making us uniquely able to accommodate members from a wide range of fitness levels and life stages. Whether just starting out with exercise, recovering from injury or illness, or training for you next personal best as an athlete, Wellness can help you meet your goals. Find out more about the support and safety unique to our fitness facility.

Find your way to an active lifestyle with any combination of our fitness options. Ask a Wellness Consultant for help finding your fitness fit.

Take any class from our weekly class schedule that fits into your personal calendar this week.

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Register for selected seasonal programs and events and guarantee your spot in class.

About Seasonal Programs

Pick any combination of facility and equipment use then add supporting services as needed.

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Spinning Classes

Beginners and athletes can enjoy the same class at their own level by controlling the tension on their bike. Bring headphones, water bottle and a towel and check our Wellness App page for the spin class app to listen along on your smartphone.

Part of our weekly schedule.

Activities & Sports

Shoot hoops or join a Wellness Consultant-led stretch class in our full-sized gym. Visit the front desk for equipment sign-outs.

Find out more about court bookings for badminton or pickle ball.


Achieving life-changing results comes easier when you add a little wellness.

Members always start on the right path with a personal exercise and lifestyle plan from a degreed exercise specialist. Work towards your goals with group classes that allow you to connect with others or the support of one-on-one training and coaching options.

The Wellness Institute App

The next-generation fitness app from Wellness is here.

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Healthy Aging

By 2031, seniors will be 25% of our population. Because chronic disease disproportionately affects older adults, there are broad implications.

Our Facility

The Wellness Institute is an award-winning medical fitness facility that welcomes you in and inspires you to stay focused on your wellness journey.

The Impact of Attendance at a Medical Fitness Facility

Member Activities

Membership engagement aims to provide learning experiences, learn new skills/movements and assist members in their fitness journey.

Private AntiGravity Classes

Suspended from soft, hammock-like apparatuses, participants can perform a wide range of gentle exercises on the joints while still providing a rigorous workout.

On-Demand Fitness

Members, get access to over 100 fitness classes anytime, anywhere.

Private Pilates Training

Blend core conditioning and flexibility to improve stability, rehabilitate an injury, tone your body, or strengthen your back with private sessions led by a certified Stott Pilates instructor.

Group Training

Expertise, the latest equipment, and a motivating atmosphere help you take your workout to the next level.

Yoga Classes

Invest in your personal wellness with styles ranging from hatha to flow. Connect your breath with your body, reduce stress and improve focus and mindfulness while being physically active.

Part of our weekly schedule.

Personal Training

Reach your personal best Making a lifestyle change requires support and that's where our team of experts comes in. Degreed and certified, our personal trainers work with members to develop individualized programs.

Studio Classes

Choose from a wide range of classes in our fitness studio. Includes popular formats such as TRX. ViPR, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), as well as the basics.

Part of our weekly schedule.

Aqua Classes

Warm water therapy classes allow you to move in ways you can’t with traditional aerobics.

Members only. Part of our weekly schedule.

Exercise with peace-of-mind knowing that our programs are created with help from medical experts. Our qualified experts provide medical oversight and are equipped to respond to emergencies.

Is Pain or Injury Getting in the Way?

Speed up your recovery or better manage your pain with help from the professionals at our on-site clinic. Physiotherapy, Chiropractic Services, and Athletic Therapy available.

Guest Information

Non-members are welcome to use our facility on a drop-in basis, register for programs or book any of our services. Find out more about drop-in fees, guest days and attending classes as a guest.