Proper diet and nutrition is an integral part of any health and wellness program. With so many food choices and meal planning options, finding a trusted source of knowledge and guidance can be daunting.

Research has shown that a healthy diet can be helpful in not only reaching and maintaining a healthy weight, but reducing the risk of some cancers, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and other conditions. Diet is also important in managing many chronic conditions and food sensitivities.

Our Registered Dietitians can help with personalized support through our Nutrition Coaching or Meal Planning packages (details below).

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Customized coaching designed for you and your lifestyle

Whether you have a few questions or are looking for a long-term coach, our Registered Dietitians can help meet your needs. We believe eating well can and should include all foods, and that good nutrition starts with food first. Your relationship with food and eating is the foundation for your health and wellness.

Your needs are unique, so coaching sessions are based around you and your lifestyle and goals. We specialize in support and healthy eating strategies for adults of all ages, including building a positive relationship with food, mindful eating, chronic disease management (diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, fatty liver), plant-based eating, and post-bariatric surgery nutrition care. 

Stay accountable and see results. Choose a coaching package:

Build Your Skills


Coaching Package x3

Build skills with an initial assessment and goal setting with two follow-up sessions to help you build strategies to progress towards your goals.

Best for someone with several concerns or goals, or someone dealing with ongoing conditions.

Reach your Goals


Coaching Package x5

Reach your goals with an initial assessment and goal setting plus four follow-up sessions. Build confidence and maintain your progress with regular email check-ins for accountability and support. Includes two promotional passes to the Wellness Institute.

Reach long-term goals, overcome challenges, or manage a chronic condition through ongoing support and connection with your coach.

Try it Out


60 minute session

Try coaching with an initial assessment and basic goal setting.

Best for someone with basic nutrition questions, or if you want to take it slow. We take it at your pace. Follow-up sessions can be booked when you’re ready.

What to Expect

Initial Assessment

This is the starting place for your nutrition plan. The dietitian completes a comprehensive nutrition and food lifestyle assessment. Together, you will clarify your nutrition and health priorities and readiness for change. You will start the goal setting and action plan process.

Follow-up Sessions

Change takes time and there may be some bumps along the way. Regular follow up helps you gain confidence and peace-of-mind. Together, we’ll keep you moving in the right direction. Individuals benefit most from two or three follow ups, but the number depends on you and your goals.

Coaching sessions are up to 60 minutes each. Services may be covered under third party insurance plans. Contact your insurer for coverage details.
Receipt issued at time of appointment as per insurance regulations. All rates are subject to change and applicable taxes.


By calling  204-632-3910 or emailing  rehabclinic@wellnessinstitute.ca


Meal Planning Services


We have to plan today for tomorrow’s success. Lack of planning often leads to less healthy food choices, more food waste and therefore more expense, as well as added stress when trying to prepare healthy meals in a busy schedule.

Meal planning makes it easy for you to enjoy healthy and delicious meals and is a key skill associated with weight loss and maintenance. 

Our meal planning platform allows you to follow your nutrition plan designed by a Registered Dietitian, but also the flexibility to swap meals and search from over 4,000 healthy recipes. Includes options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, and can keep meal prep to under 30 minutes if you have a busy schedule.

Get a plan and the support you need. Choose a meal planning package:

Standard and Premium meal planning packages include coaching with a Registered Dietitian for support and help building skills for lasting lifestyle change ...

Services may be covered under third party insurance plans. Contact your insurer for coverage details.

15-minute intro session with
Registered Dietitian
Customized 5-7 day meal plan
3 month subscription to Wellness
Institute’s meal planning platform
60-minute coaching session with
Registered Dietitian
Meal plans updated regularly over
the 3 month subscription
Regular email check-ins
60-minute follow-up coaching session with
Registered Dietitian








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