Safe at Home

The Wellness Institute is proud to help Manitobans find more ways to stay safe and well at home as a recipient of a Government of Manitoba Safe at Home grant.

Browse below to find free resources to help you stay well. Join us for exercise classes, healthy challenges, webinars, podcasts, and brain health classes featuring our lifestyle experts!


Fitness at Home

Join our certified instructors and personal trainers for full workouts with a focus on exercises you can do at home. Follow our video workouts on our YouTube channel for options ranging from PACE (People with Arthritis Can Exercise) to yoga to HIIT and bootcamp style workouts. Classes are pre-recorded and available any time you'd like to get in a workout. Classes added weekly.

20 Classes to help you get active:

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Please consult with a health care professional before starting a new fitness program to decide if its right for you.



Brain Health at Home

The Total Brain Health® program is based on practices proven to sharpen cognitive skills, prevent age-related memory loss, and lower dementia risk.

Learn brain boosting practices to support a healthy brain and intellectual skills that can diminish with age through fun, experiential activities. Suitable for anyone who wants a sharper memory and better knowledge of the lifestyle behaviours the promote brain health.

Join a Free Virtual Total Brain Health Class:

  • February 17 – March 10; 10:00-11:00 am
  • February 22 – March 15; 10:00-11:00 am
  • March 24 – April 14; 1:30-2:30 pm

Email Dawn at dziemanski@sogh.mb.ca or phone 204-632-3922 to register.


Group Training at Home

Join our personal trainers for free Virtual Group Training classes February 1-13th! Register using online services. All classes are 45-minute Zoom sessions. Morning, afternoon and evening sessions are available!

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Healthy Living at Home

Watch a Webinar

Join us for the Tackling the Pillars of Health: Living Better webinar on March 17 at 10:00 am, supported by a grant from Healthy Together Now. 
The webinar will focus on nutrition and Canada’s food guide in a fun and interactive way! Living Better is a Winnipeg Regional Health Authority program that brings awareness about nutrition and physical activity to those with mental health concerns. Register at

Check back for more pre-recorded webinars to watch at your convenience!

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Join the 7-Day Hydration Challenge Starting January 25

This free challenge is going to help you learn about the benefits of staying properly hydrated, raise awareness of your current water intake and challenge your habits to help optimize your hydration.

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Join the 7-Days of Building Resilience Challenge Starting February 22

Take 7-days to challenge your thinking and habits to build greater resilience. We’ll share ideas that you can apply to your life. Keep an open mind to trying new ways of doing or looking at things.

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Sleep Challenge

Join the 7-Day Sleep Well Challenge Starting March 22

Develop a healthy sleep routine and get closer to achieving the seven to nine hours of sleep optimal for your health.

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Visit Safe at Home for more ways to stay active, healthy and engaged at home

Funding for the above programs is provided by the Safe at Home Grant.