Wellness Fit Support

Wellness Fit Support

Wellness Fit is an exercise and nutrition app available to you as a Wellness Institute Member. This app fitness management tool you can access through an app on your phone or web browser.

Choose a fitness plan, create a custom one or enlist the help of a Wellness Consultant to develop a plan that will keep you on track to get results.

View the list of the day’s exercises, watch demonstration videos and easily record your sets and reps.

Use the optional nutrition tool to create a basic dietary plan and log what you eat. Compare what you burn to what you take in and get real time feedback on your progress.
Set goals and track your progress.

Get the support to help you Get Well, Stay Well and Be Well.

Accessing Wellness Fit

You can access Wellness Fit through your smart phone on the app or on any internet browser. Any updates you make will sync with your account and they will appear on both platforms. The app is easy to use during your exercise session and it integrates with fitness trackers to include your activities off the gym floor as well. The Online portal makes it easy to view and print reports, create a meal plan or customize your current workout plan.

Wellness Fit Online Portal

Wellness Fit on Google Play (Android)

Optional Calorie, Card & Fat Counter (Android)

Wellness Fit on App Store (iOS)

Optional Calorie, Carb & Fat Counter (iOS)

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Getting Started

Logging in:

Wellness Fit is included with your Wellness Institute membership. Before using Wellness Fit you will need a login. Those with an active email on their member file will have received an email invitation. Follow the link in that email to setup your account or open the Wellness Fit Online Portal (wellnessinstitute.virtuagym.com) and click the ‘forgot login information’ link. If you did not receive an email you can talk to a Wellness Consultant or request one via email at info@wellnessinstitute.ca. After your initial login on your phone your credentials are stored on it to keep you from needing to login each time. You will only need to login again if you choose the ‘sign out’ option or uninstall and reinstall the app on your phone. The same credentials are used to login to Wellness Fit Online.

After logging into the Wellness Fit Online or loading the app the main options available are: Workout, Exercise, Calendar, Nutrition, Progress and Challenges, Plan, Performance, Community and Account.


This section involves choosing a workout plan that is right for you and scheduling it in your calendar. Choose from preset workout plans or create your own custom workout. Workouts you create are saved and can be used again or updated as you progress.

Wellness Fit App:Preset workouts are available under the ‘club’ tab and workouts you’ve created appear under the ‘custom’ tab. Hit the control button in the top right to apply workout filters to select specific difficulty levels, equipment, goals and which days of the week you plan on doing this workout.
Wellness Fit Online: Preset workouts are available under the ‘Workout Plans’ tab and workouts that you have created appear under the ‘Workout Editor’ tab. The same filters and options are available as the app.


The exercise button shows the list of exercises available in Wellness Fit. Select any exercise to see a short video or illustration showing how to perform the exercise properly. Sort the options by selecting a muscle group you would like to focus on or equipment you have available. The statistics tab will show how often you perform the exercise. The muscles tab shows which muscle groups are used to perform the exercise.

*The Exercise button is only available in the app. The same functions are available under ‘Workouts’ section in Wellness Fit Online.


Quickly see your progress on previous days and determine when your next workout is scheduled. Click on previous days to see when activities where completed and which were missed. Progress entered by your connected devices will automatically appear here. Hit the check mark beside planned exercises to mark them complete and have the energy burnt added to your day’s totals. Include activities not planned by pushing the ‘+’ button to: scan a QR code on the Wellness Institute equipmentinclude another workout (preset or custom)look up and include an individual activity.


The nutrition section allows you to create a nutrition plan based on a few criteria including your current weight activity level and goals. The Nutrition Plan also advises on the specific amounts of macro-nutrients you should eat every day. This will give you insight in the amount of carbohydrates, fats and proteins your diet should include.
Note: If you have diabetes,heart disease or another chronic condition, please consult with our Registered Dietitian.

The Nutrition section in the App and Wellness Fit Online have a few differences:

Wellness Fit Online

Nutrition Plan

Highlighting the Diet Overview this page shows the criteria you specified when creating your nutrition plan including:- Goal Weight- Goal Date- Your BMR (burn rate in rest)- Your calorie need for upkeep- Daily difference in calories- Graphs and statistics on your progress to this point

Nutrition Diary

Log your food here and have your caloric and nutritional intake graphed. Hit the ‘meal plan’ button to view stock meal plans or create your own. The ‘empty day’ button will reset your logging on a specific day. The ‘copy day’ button will allow you to use a previous day’s log as a starting place for a new one.

Club List

If Wellness wanted to highlight a list of foods this is where it would appear.

Food List

The catalogue of food types is available here. Hit the ‘+’ button to include specific foods into your log or hit the star to add a food stuff to your favourites list.
Can’t find the food you are looking for? At the bottom of search result click on ‘Couldn’t find your product? Click to add it!’. Following this link will allow you to enter fields for a food not in the library, including a name, nutritional information, a photo and more. After entering the item it will appear under the ‘my products’ button.

Meal Plan

Represented by the knife and fork icon, the meal plan component shows your current meal plans and allows you to edit them. There are several example plans that can be customized or you can create your own from scratch. Schedule, Edit and Delete meal plans from your account by hitting the three buttons on the top right of each plan listed. The editor gives a daily breakdown of carbs, proteins and fats for the day and the specifics for each food item. Use the Nutrition Diary section online or through the app to check off foods eaten that were scheduled and to include items not on your meal plan.

Wellness Fit App

The same food library and reporting functions are available on the app as Wellness fit Online. In order is use the Nutrition tools on your phone you will need to install a second component. After installation the Wellness Fit app and Nutrition tool will integrate. This step will only need to be done once.

Diary: Quickly see how many more calories you can eat to stay on your nutrition plan. There is a breakdown of the percentage of Carbs , Proteins and Fats you still require as well.
Use the ‘+’ button to find and add more food to your log. When you are searching for item to include there is a bar code button. Select this to scan the bar code of prepackaged foods to easily enter in the nutritional information.
If you can not find your food through the search tool or the bar code scanner an ‘add new food’ button will allow you to include it manually. It will be available under ‘my foods’ from then on and will pop up the next time you scan the bar code if that is how you were initially searching for it.

Food List: The entire food library is found under ‘all’. Meals will shows preset meals you have created. My foods will show options you have added manually or by scanning bar codes in the past.

Performance: Highlights the percentages of your daily intake that you have successfully logged. A weekly score is calculated showing how diligent you have been with your log.

Progress: Graphically showing your weight transitions over your time using Wellness Fit. Hit the ‘+’ button to enter a new weight.

Achievements:Check out your achievement awards and when you received them since starting Wellness Fit.

My Plan: Review your nutritional plan or create a new one. There is also a button to take you to the food tracking page.

Exercise: This closes the Nutrition competent and loads the main Wellness Fit App.

Reminders: Set automated notifications to spur you to log your food at times when you may forget without a reminder.

Settings: Specify preferred metrics, check version numbers and easily access support documents.


Review today’s planned activities, progress in any current challenges your nutrition plan for the day. This feature is handy on the app allowing you to see details from all sections that relate to today in one place on your phone. All the information on this page is available on Wellness Institute Online but not displayed on a single page like this in the app.


Log your weight here and track your progress since starting with Wellness Fit. A graph is generated using the data you have provided. Use the ‘+’ on the bottom to log a new weight. You can also track progress with a breakdown of fat percentage, muscle percentage, bone mass percentage, other tissue and body water percentage. This can be entered automatically with a NEO Health Onyx or with an InBody Assessment here at The Wellness Institute.


If there are club wide challenges currently running you will be able to see them here. Challenges can be based on Body Composition, Performance or other Body Metrics. If you view this section with Wellness Fit Online you have the option to create your own challenge.


Quickly check how you have been doing lately on your goals. Activity history, muscle percentage (if you have been entering it), total activity statistics, recent Achievements and body composition (if you have been entering it).


View your profile picture, notification settings and Devices & Connections. Select the ‘gear’ button in the top right to update your profile, change notification settings, select if there will be a timer sound, count-down voice, send feedback, sync and more.
Both Wellness Fit App and Wellness Fit Online have options under the account settings. Update your profile, notification settings your email



The community button in the app shows the same content as the home screen in Wellness Fit Online. You can see recent posts or comments from others using Wellness Fit.

Integration with other Services

You burn energy as you move throughout your day. Get a more complete picture of your expended energy by connecting Google Fit or the Apple Health app with Wellness Fit.


The following information is pulled from your connected Apple Health app:

Most iOS devices automatically track steps the entire day. These steps are saved in the Apple Health app with a specific duration. Wellness Fit reads the amount of steps and includes those steps to your activity calendar.

Walking and running distance
Just like the steps, the walking and running distance is also tracked by default on most iOS devices. Wellness Fit includes that data into your total step activity. In addition to tracking the total steps, an estimation for the amount of calories burnt and walking duration is recorded based on the distance and average walking speed.

Workouts can also be pulled from the Apple Health app. Workouts are not tracked by default by an iOS device, but they can be inserted into the Apple Health app by other apps. Other apps can specify a workout type, amount of calories burned, distance and duration for a workout. Wellness Fit is able to pull most of the different workout types from the Apple Health app and will add them to your activity calendar.


By connecting Google Fit with Wellness Fit we can pull the following activities and place them in your activity calendar:

- Walking
- Running
- Cycling
- Swimming

The following information can be saved as info with the saved activities:

- Amount of steps
- Duration
- Distance
- Average speed
- Burned calories

For Additional Support

Additional support for Wellness Fit can be found here or by logging into Wellness Fit Online and selecting the top right pull down and choosing ‘help’. There is an extensive list of supporting documents available in this section that are all searchable.

If you have a question not covered in any of these reference materials please contact us directly at info@wellnessinstitute.ca