Wellness Featured in Study of Health Promotion Sustainability

Sustainability drivers of Canada’s most health-promoting hospital – J. Ross Graham, Patti-Jean Naylor, 2019

A new case study, published by researchers at the University of British Columbia and University of Victoria, examined sustainability of The Wellness Institute, naming us as Canada’s largest hospital-based health promotion facility. The overview states, “To our knowledge, the scope of WI services extends far beyond that of any other Canadian hospital, making it an important, instrumental case study.”

Understanding sustainability is crucial to establishing health promotion interventions in hospitals.

Researchers looked at seven factors that enable sustainability:

  1. Community support and ownership;
  2. Consistent, supportive, visionary leadership;
  3. Well-managed operations;
  4. Limited service overlap and duplication;
  5. Alignment with the healthcare system;
  6. Consistent, professional staffing;
  7. Leading-edge facilities and services.

The intent of the study is to provide in-depth understanding of the Wellness Institute’s sustainability enablers and barriers to help leaders seeking to advance health promotion research and activities in their settings.

Results are intended to help support leaders with future planning and implementation of health promotion programming.

The Wellness Institute is proud to participate in this and other research projects that further health promotion efforts.

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