Welcome Dr. Sawa

Dr. Gail Sawa is accepting patients at our Rehabilitation Clinic
for appointments beginning Wednesday, July 25

Dr. Sawa welcomes patients of all ages with sport and non-sport injuries including: workplace injuries, accidents, and repetitive strain injuries.

Whatever your level of activity and ability, Dr. Sawa offers athlete-level care. If you require treatment, Dr. Sawa has multi-disciplinary team on hand in the Wellness Institute Rehabilitation Clinic to help with physiotherapy, athletic therapy, chiropractic care, massage therapy, foot care and more.

As a Physician with a special interest in sports medicine, Dr. Sawa serves patients for musculoskeletal injuries, chronic and overuse musculoskeletal disorders, joint injections, nerve entrapment syndromes, foot and ankle disorders, spine-related pain, and concussion management.

Guests and members are welcome without referral. Assessment and follow-up is covered by Manitoba Health for local residents; Manitoba Health Card required. To book call 204-632-3910 or email rehabclinic@wellnessinstitute.ca


In addition to completing her residency in Family Medicine, Dr Sawa has various degrees from the University of Manitoba including Bachelor of Physical Education, Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation (physical therapy), Master of Science, Bachelor Science in Medicine, and Doctor of Medicine.

Dr. Sawa developed her expertise in anatomy, musculoskeletal disorders and medicine through a path that established a broad understanding of her discipline and of patient care. As an instructor at the University of Manitoba she honed her understanding of the intricate relationship between muscles, joints and peripheral nerves. She also worked at the Wellness Institute for five years as a kinesiologist and Wellness Consultant, helping with exercise for both prevention and rehabilitation through membership and programs including Cardiac Rehab, Pulmonary Rehab, and Stroke & Neurofit. During this time she went back to school to become a Physiotherapist, before starting on the path to medicine.

As an athlete, Dr. Sawa has been involved in sport from a young age including elite artistic gymnastics, track and field, and rhythmic gymnastics where she remains a coach and a master’s competitor.

As a Certified Medical Fitness facility, our experts focus on evidence-based practice and the best course of treatment needed to support recovery or manage chronic pain or injury. Find out more about support available at our Rehabilitation Clinic.