Weight Loss Clinic Research Featured

The Wellness Institute has partnered with researchers to make sure our evidence-based Weight Loss Clinic provides the most effective support possible for making long-term changes.

CTV News Winnipeg Videojournalist, Michelle Gerwing , shared the story:

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Excerpt from the interview:

The Wellness Institute is partnering with researchers to make sure its new weight loss program is working for people.

The study is looking into a new weight loss clinic that started in January 2019. Medical director Dr. Kevin Saunders said it’s different from other programs because it offers people a one-on-one approach to making long-term behavioural changes.

“There’s lots of fads when it comes to the weight loss world and making sure that we are doing programming that has medical evidence behind it, proven to work is critically important,” said Saunders.

The research is being done by University of Manitoba graduate student Katrina Cachero. She’s compiling pre and post-clinic information from more than a dozen people who are already using the clinic’s services.

“So changes in weight, waist circumference, blood pressure, body composition, like body fat percentage, changes in quality of life and also changes in sleep,” she said.

She added that changes in lifestyle are also being recorded, like pain reduction and improvements in mood.

“There’s not a lot of research out there on individualized programs currently right now and so we want to make sure that the program that we’re offering is the best program out there,” said The Wellness Institute coaching services manager Ashley Derlago.

The results will be used to refine the program, and potentially as pilot information for future clinical research into this type of weight loss programming.

Find out more about the program at https://wellnessinstitute.ca/weight-loss-clinic/