Your Connected Wellness Experience

Get support for your wellness from home.

Members can now access on-demand and virtual classes from home to stay connected and stay active even when they can't visit.

Connect one-on-one with our professionals safely and easily through an internet connection. We have you covered with expert help from our Physiotherapists, Registered Dietitians, Certified Personal Trainers, Mental Health Team and Work Injury Management Team.

Find free guidance on a variety of health topics through webinars, podcasts, email-based challenges and workout videos supported by Safe at Home Manitoba.

People managing chronic health issues have the option to complete their programs, including cardiac rehab, pulmonary rehab, and Get Better Together from home. We also offer a home-based program for caregivers.

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Expert Health Services

Safe at Home

Chronic Disease Management

For Members


Wellness Anytime, Anywhere with our App

Exercise at home with member-exclusive on demand classes through our app.

Members get exclusive access to over 100 on-demand classes to support their wellness anytime, anywhere. Classes feature internationally-renowned coaches as well as our own expert instructors. Search the selection to find the right level, class style or even the right music for you.

The app also offers self-directed workouts, activity tracking, an easy way to log into our Online Services and more.


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Live Virtual Classes

Join your favourite instructors for a variety of live weekly classes held via Zoom.

Bring the energy of a live class home and stay connected with your favourite classes. We've adapted our weekly class schedule for home, meaning you don't need special equipment to join in. Virtual classes are free to all active members.

Log-in to Online Services to book starting 72 hours before class and return to get your class link 10-minutes before class starts.


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Expert Health Services


Online Physiotherapy

Get your individualized assessment, exercise guidelines and consultation from home.

Support for recovery after injury or surgery and for conditions that benefit from therapeutic exercise recommendations can be delivered without an in-person meeting. 

All that is required is a stable internet connection and either a computer or laptop with a web camera OR a smartphone.

When you book, you’ll get an email with a link to your appointment. At the time of your appointment, click the link and enter your name to check-in to the personal video conference with your physiotherapist.

Guests and members are welcome, no referral needed. Contact your insurer for coverage details.


  • Assessment $79.40
  • Consultation $63.90

Call 204-632-3910 or email to book.



Virtual Mental Health Support

Get the support you need while physical distancing.

Our mental health team can support your mental wellbeing and help you be successful in your path to improved wellness with virtual meetings.

We will work with you to help you reflect on and understand how your thoughts and emotions can get in the way of successfully managing situations and challenges in your life. Discuss strategies and solutions for making positive changes.

We offer strategies to help you build stress-management skills. Our team can support you to build resilience and skills to adapt to significant sources of stress.

Guests and members are welcome, no referral needed. Contact your insurer for coverage details.


  • Social Work Consult/Treatment: $130/hr 
  • Psychology Associate Consult/Treatment$180/hr

Call 204-632-3910 or email to book.

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Virtual Nutrition Coaching & Meal Planning

Get customized coaching for you and your lifestyle by phone or FaceTime video chat. Use our mobile-friendly meal planning tool for meal planning.

Proper diet and nutrition is an integral part of any health and wellness program. Our Registered Dietitians can help with personalized support through our Nutrition Coaching or Meal Planning packages.

We believe eating well can and should include all foods, and that good nutrition starts with food first. Your relationship with food and eating is the foundation for your health and wellness.

Your needs are unique, so coaching sessions are based around you and your lifestyle and goals. We specialize in support and healthy eating strategies for adults of all ages, including building a positive relationship with food, mindful eating, chronic disease management (diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, fatty liver), plant-based eating, and post-bariatric surgery nutrition care.

Guests and members are welcome, no referral needed. Contact your insurer for coverage details.

Coaching Package Rates

  • Try it Out$99
  • Build your Skills (3 pack) $297
  • Reach your Goals (5 pack)$495

Meal Plan Package Rates

  • Basic $99
  • Standard $185
  • Premium $325

Call 204-632-3910 or email to book.

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Online Coaching

8-weeks of individually prescribed workout support.

Start with a virtual consultation with a certified personal trainer who will assess your needs and get to know your preferences as well as the space and equipment you have to workout. Your customized workout plan will be delivered by app, giving you access to videos demonstrating the proper exercise form. Your trainer will check in regularly to provide support and adjustments as you progress.

+ More Expert Training Support

Reach your personal best with virtual Personal Training. Or join a live virtual Group Training session for just $10 (no class packs required). 

Contact your Personal Trainer to schedule your virtual appointment or get started with our Personal Training Registration FormFind and book virtual Group Training sessions online under weekly classes in Online Services. No equipment is needed.

Guests and members are welcome.


  • Consultation/Workout Plans/Check-ins: $135 

Call 204-632-3909 or email to book.


Workplace Injury Management

Supporting injury prevention and rehabilitation.

We have many years of experience in successfully handling both physical and mental health issues with services for a straightforward recovery to a complex or prolonged case.

Many of these services can be delivered virtually, through video or phone-based appointments. Webinar presentations and digital classroom workshops may also be available.


Safe at Home Community Programs


Home-Based Support for Managing Chronic Health Issues


Home-based chronic disease management programs support the safe management and rehabilitation of illness and improves daily lives.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

A program for people with cardiovascular disease who are recovering from heart attack, bypass surgery, stents or living with peripheral artery disease, heart failure or irregular heart rhythms.


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Pulmonary Rehabilitation

A program for people living with respiratory conditions such as COPD, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, pulmonary fibrosis, bronchiectasis or severe asthma.


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Get Better Together

Take control of your health with a fully-funded workshop designed to help with ongoing health conditions. Led by others living with health issues who understand the challenges of managing symptoms, medications and health care needs.

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Build your confidence to manage better through support and discussion of topics such as healthy eating, physical activity, communication and pain management.

Get Better Together is suitable as an added support for many conditions, including:

- Arthritis - Asthma - Diabetes - Cancer - Hepatitis - Chronic back pain - Stroke
- Osteoporosis - Lupus - Heart disease - High blood pressure - Fibromyalgia
- Anxiety - Depression - Parkinson’s disease - Chronic fatigue syndrome - Weight issues

Free Virtual Workshops

Call 204-632-3927 or email to book.

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You will need a computer or mobile device with Internet access and a Google Chrome browser to join our Zoom digital classrooms.

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Powerful Tools for Caregivers

Better care for yourself while caring for a friend or relative.

This free 6-week online class series gives you the confidence and support to better care for your friend or family member.

Participants are saying ...

"After taking this class I am a more confident caregiver. Having tools to resolve problems is a definite advantage in becoming a happier, wiser, and healthier me ... and a healthier us!"

Free Virtual Workshops

Call 204-632-3927 or email to book.

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You will need a computer or mobile device with Internet access and a Google Chrome browser to join our Zoom digital classrooms.