Inspiration is all around at the Wellness Institute. Personal victories can be found not only in the fitness areas but among those working towards a healthy weight, recovering from injury, or living with chronic disease.

"The Wellness is the best gym ever!! It is very inclusive. I wouldn't go anywhere else!"

– Andrea

"The Wellness Institute has been the core foundation for my physical well being. When I first started at Wellness back in October, I was barely hobbling around with my cane. Now I pass healthy people on the track. Without a cane. This building is full of so much hope. Care. Compassion."

– Zenon

“Amazing atmosphere. ...friendly staff”

– Gagan

"It's an amazing place to workout. The staff and facilities are wonderful"

– Tori

"Great facility and very clean. Always someone to help you and a lot of machines available. Love walking the track."

– Kelley

“This is a great place to get fit. I’m hoping to enrol in the Winnipeg Police Department and this is a great place to get ready.”

– Jatinder

“Everybody searches for the fountain of youth in a pill. I’ve always told people the fountain of youth is working out and probably the Wellness Institute is one of the best places you can go to stay active and live to a ripe old age. I can say that Wellness has saved my life!”

– Chuck

"Best facilities with amazing staff. Love to be there EVERY DAY."

– Bunty

"Love the fact this place focuses on your health!"

– Cindy

“The Wellness Institute is a first class facility with excellent fitness instructors and health professionals. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to improve upon their level of fitness and health.”

- Van

"One month after joining the Wellness I was able to stop all medication. 12 years later I not only run but do aerobics, weights and yoga. Being able to workout at the Wellness was the best thing I could ever do to help me manage my grief. Thank you Wellness!"

– Kim

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