Inspiration is all around at the Wellness Institute. Personal victories can be found not only in the fitness areas but among those working towards a healthy weight, recovering from injury, or living with chronic disease.

"The Wellness is the best gym ever!! It is very inclusive. I wouldn't go anywhere else!"

– Andrea

"The Wellness Institute has been the core foundation for my physical well being. When I first started at Wellness back in October, I was barely hobbling around with my cane. Now I pass healthy people on the track. Without a cane. This building is full of so much hope. Care. Compassion."

– Zenon

“Amazing atmosphere. ...friendly staff”

– Gagan

"I have experienced only pleasant staff. I cannot recall any individual ever not being pleasant!"

– Anonymous

"I am an avid studio participant. What a great team of instructors, who continue to strive for excellence in their teaching. Their concern and kindness for all of us in the studio is amazing!"

– Anonymous

"Facility helped me considerably in preparing for surgery and recovery after. Member for 20 years and my overall health and fitness has benefited a great deal. Your staff are amazing."

– Anonymous

"It's an amazing place to workout. The staff and facilities are wonderful"

– Tori

"This is a non-judgmental, open to everyone facility"

– Anonymous

"Fantastic. made many friends. Mentally and physically healthy for me. Love the wellness staff and members"

– Anonymous

"I have been suffering from lower back pain for the past thirty-seven years resulting from several work-related injuries during my nursing career.  I have traditionally managed my pain with the help of physiotherapy, massage therapy as well as chiropractor treatment.  Despite this combination of treatments, I have never been without pain that has impacted my daily activities and sleep.  I just completed my first Pilates Reformer class and can honestly say that I have felt a noticeable improvement in my level of pain.  I have also required fewer visits to my chiropractor as well as less use of pain medication.  I am enjoying the classes and will continue to take them."

– Colleen

"Great facility and very clean. Always someone to help you and a lot of machines available. Love walking the track."

– Kelley

“This is a great place to get fit. I’m hoping to enrol in the Winnipeg Police Department and this is a great place to get ready.”

– Jatinder

"I enjoy my mornings at the Wellness. The staff is friendly and helpful. The Wellness is always trying to make sure that members receive full value"

– Anonymous

“Everybody searches for the fountain of youth in a pill. I’ve always told people the fountain of youth is working out and probably the Wellness Institute is one of the best places you can go to stay active and live to a ripe old age. I can say that Wellness has saved my life!”

– Chuck

"Best facilities with amazing staff. Love to be there EVERY DAY."

– Bunty

"The best wellness facility in the city!"

– Anonymous

"Overall, the Institute has been integral to my psychological and physical health -- for several years before my surgery and most profoundly after the surgery. I feel fortunate to have already been a member when this health challenge occurred, so that knowing the facility and what it offers kick-started my recovery when I was able to come back. Simply can't say enough about the people and the place. Keep up the excellent work and thank you for your professionalism and commitment to quality service for health and wellness"

– Anonymous

"Love the fact this place focuses on your health!"

– Cindy

"I joined when my friend began the Cardic Rehab program to help support her, and I can’t believe how much I look forward to my time there! Such a stress reliever, and I feel so much better after I’ve worked out!"

– Anonymous

“The Wellness Institute is a first class facility with excellent fitness instructors and health professionals. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to improve upon their level of fitness and health.”

- Van

"I was very pleased when the Wellness recognized that I was not coming as regularly as I usually did and reached out to me to make sure that everything was okay. At the time my father became very ill and my sister and I were spending our time looking after his medical needs as he was hospitalized. My membership was put on hold due to the circumstances which was very kind. My father has since has gotten better and is able at this time to be more independent so it has allowed me to return to my fitness routine. Just would like to say a huge Thank-You for the care and support emotionally I received from your staff at a very difficult time. Awesome facility which I will continue to promote to all who are looking for a place to get healthier 🙂 Thank-you again!!"

– Anonymous

"One month after joining the Wellness I was able to stop all medication. 12 years later I not only run but do aerobics, weights and yoga. Being able to workout at the Wellness was the best thing I could ever do to help me manage my grief. Thank you Wellness!"

– Kim

"There is always someone there to answer the little questions."

– Anonymous

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