Camps for a Healthy Dose of Fun

Well-rounded camps for well-rounded kids

Summer camps at Wellness are developed by our team of lifestyle experts to combine the proven benefits of daily physical activity and creative play.

Our unique themes may feature medical, nutrition and fitness experts from the Wellness Institute or Seven Oaks Hospital. All themes include pool time!

All children are welcome, regardless of ability. Our Certified Medical Fitness model ensures accessibility and features the safety of peanut-free policies and tested emergency procedures.


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Register from 7:00 am, April 1, 2019:

- at 204-632-3900
- at 1075 Leila Avenue (front desk)
- with the Wellness Institute App,  or

register online

Campers Meet in Room 4

Drop-Off: 8:00-9:00 am

Pick-Up: 4:00-5:00 pm

Please submit a Camp Package for each camper within a week of registering for any camp.

Policies for peanut-free lunches, drop-off/pick-up, refunds and campers needing special assistance are in the Camp Package. Runners, swimwear and comfortable clothing are must haves for all campers.

What Does a Healthy Dose of Fun at a Wellness Institute Summer Day Camp Mean?

  • lifeguard-supervised time in our warm pool
  • the safety of a certified medical fitness facility, with peanut-free policies and tested emergency procedures
  • unique themes which may feature medical, nutrition and fitness experts from the Wellness Institute or the hospital
  • access to full gym and equipment ranging from athletic gear to scooters, parachutes and more!
  • outdoor play encouraged with our fenced kids' area and outdoor track
  • designed to fulfill the daily physical activity recommendations for kids
  • inclusiveness for all abilities; support person attends free when required
  • healthy ideas are presented through play

Which Camp Will Keep your Kid Active this Summer?

Browse Below for Camps Themes or visit our online Camp Registration page for full dates and times..


Mighty Mites Superheroes

Ages 5-7

Calling all superheroes! Kids transform into their favourite heroes for the week and learn about their unique powers by springing into action and exploring themed activities for a super-charged week!

Theme Week

Ages 5-7

Let's dress up and create some healthy laughs! Each day features a new theme, such as pajama day or Halloween. We'll create something together the first day and send home the plan for the rest of the week.


Krafty Kids

Ages 5-12

Wellness is more than fitness! Art has been shown to increase resistance to stress, as well as intelligence! Campers are grouped by age to explore mediums such as paint and chalk plus crafting with recyclables.


Medical Masters

Ages 8-12

Calling all future doctors and nurses! Campers enjoy health-themed activities at Seven Oaks Hospital and learn from some of our own health and lifestyle experts. Activities may feature making a cast or taking and x-ray.

Note: This popular camp fills quickly!

Sports of All Sorts

Ages 8-12

From All-Stars to kids who just want to get their kicks, passes, and dunks, this is a great mix of sports fun. Themed games and activities offer the recovery time even athletes need.


The Chef's Club

Ages 8-12

Roll up your sleeves, grab an apron and join the club! Create new recipes and sample foods while learning about nutrition. Cook up team spirit by naming the club and taking part in a fun kids vs. leader challenge. (PS: Getting hands-on with food helps kids try new tastes, including more fruits and veggies!)

Food supplies fee is included in the camp price of $195.

Kid Fit

Ages 8-12

Train like our trainers! Learn to fuel your body well and challenge your fitness. Activities may include circuits, beginner strength and cardiovascular training and cooking.


Don't forget to fill-out and submit your Camp Package for each camper within one week of registering for a camp! Download it now, or pick one up at our Front Desk.