The 7-Day Sleep Well Challenge

Sleep is a pillar of overall health that gets neglected even though falling short effects much more than energy and alertness. Studies link disrupted sleep to an array of health issues, from obesity and diabetes to hypertension, cancer, and depression 

Join the free challenge for seven days of tips and tricks to help you develop a healthy sleep routine and get closer to achieving the seven to nine hours of sleep optimal for your health. Because sleep is crucial for the renewal of our bodies and minds, even small improvements to the quantity and quality of rest can mean better health over time.

The Challenge Begins March 22

As part of the challenge, you will:

  • Set a bedtime for the week
  • Commit to:
    - avoiding caffeine at least 6 hours before heading to bed
    - avoiding alcohol at least 3 hours before bedtime,
    - keeping electronics out of the bedroom, and
    - tracking your nightly “z”s to see what most affects your quality and quantity of sleep

What you get:

Subscribers get a welcome email with challenge details and a sleep tracking sheet then free daily emails to support you in the challenge. Visit our Facebook event page for more motivation and support.

To begin:

Simply sign-up on this page, choose a bedtime goal and wait for your welcome email on Sunday, March 21. Join by March 20 to receive all emails in the daily challenge.

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NOTE: If you are experiencing unusual periods of sleepiness when you expect to be alert, snoring, leg cramps or tingling, difficulty breathing during sleep, prolonged insomnia or mental health issues preventing you from sleeping well, talk to your doctor or mental health professional.