Research Projects

Research at Wellness

Over the years we have conducted research, contributed to research projects and partnered with researchers to host medical and clinical trials at our facility in the interest of improving our own services, and disseminating information about best practice programs.

More recently we have been working closely with the Seven Oaks Hospital Chronic Disease Innovation Centre.


About the Chronic Disease Innovation Centre

Changing the Way Healthcare is Delivered - That's the vision of the Seven Oaks Hospital Chronic Disease Innovation Centre (CDIC). The CDIC research and development leaders are working to apply the next generation of disease prevention and management approaches, enabling care at the hospital and programming at the Wellness Institute.

Advancing Healthy Aging and Chronic Disease Management

The Wellness Institute is an active participant in advancing and translating knowledge about healthy aging and chronic disease management.



  • Outcomes of Wellness Institute – (Komenda et al., 2016)
  • Exploring the sustainability and reproducibility of Canada's largest hospital-based medical fitness (Graham, 2016)
  • Cardiac Rehab & Sedentary Behaviour (Strachan, 2015)
  • FINISHED – First Nation Community Based Screening (Komenda, 2014)
  • Managing Arthritis Through Physical Activity (Strachan, 2014)
  • Cardiac Rehab Quality (Grace, 2014)
  • Physical Activity Maintenance Post Cardiac Event (Sweet, 2014)
  • Adult Peer Led Programming in First Nation Communities (McGavock, 2011-2013)
  • Health Literacy (PHAC, 2012-2013)
  • Weight Loss – effects of a lifestyle intervention on weight loss (Bouchard, 2013)
  • Walking Cadence (Bouchard, 2012)
  • WISER – Wellness Institute Services Evaluation Research (Segall, 1998-2011)
  • Get Fit For Activity Living with Diabetes (Fitzgerald, 2010)
  • Weight Loss / Xenical
  • CIBC - workplace fitness services study conducted with CBIC employees (Ready, 1999)