Report to the Community

Seven Oaks General Hospital Foundation has published a Report to the Community which features – in part – the impact the Wellness Institute has had on health and well-being in the last 20 years. We are proud to be featured on the back cover of the report and in mentions throughout as a part of the hospital and because of our role in the prevention and management of chronic disease.

The Foundation hopes to keep the people that rely on services at Seven Oaks Hospital informed about the exciting things happening and to help donors and supporters understand the impact of their contributions. For supporters of the Wellness Future Fund, contributions ensure the health impacts of the Wellness Institute continue, that new equipment and technology is used and that future growth and expansion of the building is possible so we can help more people in our community live longer lives.

The report also focuses on recent changes that are improving health services and patient care such as the Access to Care Campaign and the launch of the Chronic Disease Innovation Centre (CDIC). The report also highlights the hospital’s role as a leader in preventing chronic disease through the Wellness Institute and the medical research and innovation happening at CDIC, both of which are well integrated with patient care.

Download the Report

The Foundation and hospital are grateful for community support. Just like the Foundation supports fundraising for hospital initiatives such as the Access to Care project in 2012, it also supports donations to the Wellness Institute through the Wellness Future Fund. If you have questions or feedback questions and feedback on the Report to the Community, please contact the Foundation at 204-632-3552 or