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Whether you need to work around a busy family, frequent travels, the challenges of shift work, or a demanding career, we can help you make a healthier lifestyle fit your schedule with a personalized fitness and meal plan.

Using evidence from the latest lifestyle-related research, our Online Coaching Program delivers effective plans backed by a team of experts. We tailor each program to your personal goals, preferences and abilities and can develop workouts for use at a gym, at home, or on-the-go.


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Expert Support

Personalized Coaching & Fitness

Behind your plan is the support of a personal coach to keep you on track. Our coaches are Certified Personal Trainers with degrees specializing in exercise and fitness. They understand the science and physiology of fitness and have worked with people at all stages of fitness, from recovering from illness or injury to elite athletes.

Meal Planning

Get customized nutrition support made easy with our app. Plans are evidence-based and include a balance of whole grains, protein, vegetables, and fruit with an emphasis on plant-based foods to support results and long-term health.

Our experts have also developed and curated a library of digital resources to support your success.

Convenient Workouts,
Expert Coaches

We start by getting to know you then create a strategy for your success. When you are ready to workout, use our Wellness Institute app to access your workout plan and see the most effective, safest form for the exercises.

Your coach will contact you regularly to help keep you on track, answer your questions and adjust exercises. Reach out between check-ins for added support.


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Adaptable Meals,
Professional Nutrition

While the meal plan is customized to your lifestyle, preferences and food restrictions, our EatLove tool allows you to adapt for real life success. Make food swaps and even plan for leftovers while staying within guidelines set by your coach.

Get the nutrients needed to fuel your success while eating foods that fit your lifestyle. Access recipes and grocery lists on your mobile device or computer.



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Online Coaching Provides Exceptional Value. Your 12-week Program Includes:

Personal Training Session
with InBody Body Composition Analysis
(valued at over $130)


Your initial one-on-one personal training session will help us understand your current fitness level and limitations and set you up with the confidence to succeed in your workouts. Your body composition analysis will help you track progress with muscle gain or fat loss, identify any muscle imbalances and give you an estimate of your Basal Metabolic Rate. Our experts use all this information to design a program that’s right for you.

Workout Programs and Support with
Progressions + Wellness Fit Subscription
(valued at over $240)


Monthly workout program changes ensure you don’t get bored or plateau. Your coach will personally adapt your program at your pace and provide resources as needed to support your goals. The Wellness Fit app allows you to see your personalized workout plans, view exercise demonstrations, track progress and interact with your coach for support. You coach will contact you regularly to help keep you on track, answer your questions and make adjustments to exercises. The optional food tracking works with your customized meal plan. Your coach can follow your exercise and food tracking to see how you are doing and help you stay accountable.

Meal Plan +
12-week EatLove Subscription

(valued at over $135)


Your coach will review your goals, preferences, food allergies and personal details provided during your intake to create a customized meal plan. Access your plan anytime on any device throughout the 12-week program. Further adapt your meals with the built-in flexibility of the EatLove program. Adjust food avoidances, preferred types of foods, amount of leftovers and how many people in your household are following the plan. Simple swaps to use what you have or suit your preferences are encouraged.

True change takes time and so does developing a sustainable fitness practice.
If you are ready to commit to your plan and yourself, we are ready to help you succeed.

Your plan starts with a 12-week commitment because we believe in building lifestyle habits that will give you healthy results for life.


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Need More One-on-one Support?

While your online coach can provide you with the tools you need to succeed in a way that is very flexible and adaptable to your lifestyle, some people prefer face-to-face sessions (or a combination of both). If you want onsite Personal Training, we have you covered.