Obesity Management Guidelines Put into Practice

Obesity Canada released new guidelines for obesity management on August 4. This update reflects the importance of managing weight for your health, addressing obesity as a complex, progressive and relapsing chronic disease. 

Obesity is a major health issue that increases health care costs and negatively affects physical and psychological health, with links to increased morbidity and mortality. Over the past 30 years, the prevalence has steadily increased and over 60% of Canadians are now considered obese or overweight.

Beyond the Advice to Eat Less and Move More

While the weight loss market booms with unproven and even unhealthy solutions, the need is clear for programs providing comprehensive, evidence-based support. 

The Wellness Institute Weight Loss Clinic was established to treat the root causes of weight gain with a focus on patient-centred health outcomes, including improved blood pressure, blood sugar control, and cholesterol levels. 

The root causes of obesity are treated with a team of experts guiding participants through customized plans that support sustainable behaviour change. These plans include direct interventions that help participants overcome specific barriers to improving their health and quality of life. Psychological interventions help participants gain an awareness of the issues that influence their success and learn how to manage these issues while maintaining an improved lifestyle.

Rather than focus on weight alone, the clinic puts health front and centre with a team of experts guiding participants through customized plans.

According to Dr. Dylan MacKay, PhD, a diabetes and obesity researcher with the George and Fay Yee Centre for Healthcare Innovation at U of M, “The Wellness Institute Weight Loss Clinic is a great example of a program that fits the new guidelines, and has been offering full wrap around support, including physician oversight, medication intervention and personalization, for some time.”

As Medical Director of the Wellness Institute and part of the Weight Loss Clinic team, Dr. Kevin Saunders MD, recognizes the need for clinically-managed support.

The message has been well received by participants, like Anne Koprajda.“It’s not just about the numbers on the scale. My behaviour toward food is different. My blood pressure has come down. I’m feeling stronger. It’s the health improvements that people don’t see that keep me coming back.”

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