Eat according to your genes with genetic testing for personalized nutrition.

When it comes to nutrition, a one-size-fits-all approach really doesn’t fit all. We each respond differently to foods, vitamins, and dietary habits. Find out what works best for you based on your genes, not food trends.

With personalized nutrition, you can look beyond recommended daily intakes to optimize your health and help prevent lifestyle-related chronic diseases.

Get practical recommendations focused on your key risks, food tolerances and tendencies. 70 genetic markers are tested using a simple, non-invasive cheek swab. Once the lab compiles the results, a report is sent to our Registered Dietitian who will review the results with you and give customized advice.

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  • NutrigenomixTM


    Includes sample collection, genetic testing, and full results review with a Registered Dietitian.
    Services may be covered under third party insurance plans. Contact your insurer for coverage details. Price subject to change and applicable taxes.

... a Lasting Investment

Your lifestyle, goals and food preferences may change, but your genes stay the same.

Your Nutrigenomix results will always be relevant to your health and are an investment in chronic disease prevention and optimal health. As new discoveries in nutrigenomics are made, panels with additional information could become available without re-testing.

Find out about Nutrigenomix test upgrades.

... Simplify Healthy Eating

Instead of focusing on restrictive diets, ever-changing fads, and superfoods, make the changes that most affect your health.

Knowing your key health risk factors based on your genes can help you focus on the diet changes that will have the most impact. The dietitian will help you build strategies to meet your personalized nutrition needs with foods you enjoy. You’ll eat smarter, knowing what works for you and your genetic make-up.

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Follow-up appointments with the dietitian are available virtually, by phone as well as in-person.

  • Add a Nutrigenomix Meal Plan


    Includes 3-month access to Eatlove's customized meal planning platform and email technical support with the dietitian.

Meal Planning Based on Your Genes

Add a Nutrigenomix meal plan to any Nutrigenomix test or test upgrade package

Now you can access a menu plan that features delicious meals tailored specifically to your genetic profile. We’ve partnered with Eatlove to offer clients meal planning solutions to help you eat more of the foods and nutrients that matter to you. Our dietitians tailor your nutrition prescription based on your Nutrigenomix results. The meal plans are fully customizable to meet your tastes and needs. Eatlove also helps make it easier to shop and cook with automated grocery list, daily prep tips and reminders, and weekly inspiration emails. It’s never been easier or tastier to simplify healthy eating and eat according to your genes.

Looking for more support in building your meal planning skills? See our full range of Eatlove meal planning packages.

Woman using the EatLove meal planning platform

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Learn how your genes affect your health, including your:

Specific Risk Factors for Chronic Disease

Knowing your risk factors for chronic disease, including heart disease and diabetes, can help tailor an effective prevention plan. You've probably heard that you should limit saturated fat and salt and include Omega-3 fats for a heart healthy diet. Nutrigenomix adjusts advice to your genetic tolerances and looks at added factors, from caffeine to whole grain intake.

Nutrient Metabolism & Food Intolerances

Are you prone to vitamin or mineral deficiencies? Are you likely to have issues with dairy or gluten? Instead of waiting until you have a problem to be tested, find out what tendencies are built into your DNA.

Ability to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

When it comes to weight loss, our genes (not diet trends) determine what works best. Some people have great results with a high protein diet while others won’t. Genetics play a role in food preferences, cravings, and the amount of calorie restriction needed to succeed. Combining this knowledge with your personal risk factors ensures a dietary plan that not only promotes effective weight loss, but supports your long-term health.

Response to Exercise

People can’t seem to agree what workout is the best... and for good reason. Our bodies don’t all respond the same way to exercise. Some people using exercise to lose body fat respond to endurance cardio while others do not. Find out how your genes affect your workout and make the most out of your time.

What is your DNA trying to tell you?

How Does it Work?

Lifestyle choices have a big impact on health risks. Nutrigenomix is a tool to help you better understand how your body may respond to those choices. The genetic test is not intended to predict or diagnose any disease, nutrient deficiency or health condition.

The entire process should take between 2-4 weeks. It includes an initial appointment in which a sample of your saliva will be taken for testing. Once the results are in, we will book a follow-up with our Registered Dietitian to review your results and customized plan. Follow-up appointments are available by phone or FaceTime video chat, as well as in-person.

Nutrigenomix services may be covered under third-party insurance plans.  Contact your insurer for coverage details.

We take the security of your personal health information seriously. Your DNA kit is marked with a unique barcode, used as the identifier for your sample. Only our Registered Dietitian will be able to link your kit's barcode to your personal information. All genetic data is sent through a secure 256-bit encryption server. Samples are stored in a secure, controlled-access facility and labelled only with your unique barcode.

For some, salt poses a serious threat to heart health. 40% to 50% of us carry a variant of the ACE gene which increases the risk of high blood pressure with excess sodium intake.


If you’re like 50% of us and have a risk variant of the NOS3 gene, boosting your intake of Omega-3 fats can lower blood triglyceride levels (reducing risk for heart disease).

Would you benefit from eating more whole grains? 1 in 2 people have the risk variant of the TCF7L2 gene, making their risk of developing type 2 diabetes higher when their diet includes low amounts of whole grains.


Not everyone requires the same amount of vitamin C for the healthy growth and repair of body tissues. Your needs are influenced by the GSTT1 gene.


The HLA gene is the most important predictor of gluten intolerance. Nutrigenomix examines six HLA variants to determine if your risk of intolerance is high, medium, or low.

Getting conflicting advice on coffee? The answer is in your genes. CYP1A2 controls the enzyme that affects how you break down caffeine. For slow metabolizers, standard intake advice could increase risk of a heart attack.


Nutrigenomix Test Upgrades

Add a Nutrigenomix meal plan to any Nutrigenomix test or test upgrade package

The Nutrigenomix genetic testing panel now includes 70 different genetic markers. Upgrade your previous 7, 12, or 45 variant Nutrigenomix test panels to get the most up-to-date suggestions for your nutrition and health. No retesting required, results will be provided through the Registered Dietitian. Include a review with a dietitian to check in, build strategies and set goals. 

  • 70 Gene Panel Upgrade


    Includes the upgraded
    panel report in either
    electronic or physical copy.

  • Panel Upgrade + Review


    Includes the upgraded
    panel report and a
    60-minute review session
    with the registered dietitian.