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Here are the latest classes running at the Wellness Institute.  

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AntiGravity Cocooning

Supercharging the power nap with a 30 min class that will take you through basic stretching and mobility sequences before placing you into the cocoon for a guided meditation.

Friday – 11:15 – 11:45am

AntiGravity Fundamentals

AntiGravity Fundamentals decompresses the spine and improves strength and flexibility. Experience the power, excitement and pure joy of moving freely through open space in the Christopher Harrison hammock.  Participants will become familiar with the AntiGravity hammock and the new sensation of both inversions and flying. Participants will build confidence and knowledge in the foundational movements.  Classes incorporate zero compression inversions, suspended stretching and strengthening, and, most importantly, fun—no previous experience is needed to join this class.

Each class is 55 minutes in length.

Tuesday - 8:00 am
Wednesday - 6:30 pm
Thursday - 9:00 am
Friday - 4:30 pm
Saturday - 9:00 am


Now Offering... AntiGravity Private Small Group Classes

Up to 5 people - $150
6-8 people - $200
9-10 people - $225 


Located in the Barre Studio
(formerly the old Pilates Mat studio)

Instructor: Shirly Ramos

Barre Star

Tuesdays - 6:00 pm 

This ballet-inspired workout, suitable for any skill level, will help you build a strong core and firm glutes while toning hard-to-target muscles in your legs and feet. Improve your body awareness, flexibility, balance and posture in a fun, interactive environment.

Barre Bootcamp

Thursdays - 7:00 am 

Barre Bootcamp combines traditional Barre techniques that tone, tighten and lengthen with interval training. Small fitness props such as gliders – tubing – mini stability balls, to name a few, will be used in Barre boot camp. This athletic style, full-body workout barre class will complement your training - shake up your workouts and keep your muscles guessing.

Barre Yoga 

Thursdays - 5:30 pm 

Instructor: Cheryl

This unique blend of Barre training and yoga flow will strengthen and tone your entire body and enhance your balance, flexibility and spine mobility.

Athletic Yoga

Thursdays 7:00 pm 

Instructor: Katja

This yoga class combines functional movement to enhance your natural range of motion, yoga conditioning for strength and resilience, anti-inflammatory Yin Yoga for tissue health and Restorative Yoga for recovery. You will also practice breathwork, meditation, and mental exercises, tailored to the needs of athletic, active people. Improve your overall (casual and/or professional) athletic performance and get ready for your next long run, big game, or competition!


Ride and Row

Located in the spin area

This class combines the benefits of both indoor cycling and rowing. Participants will alternate between the heart pumping, aerobic challenge of indoor cycle to the benefits of total body conditioning and aerobic conditioning on the rower. This class is designed for all fitness levels. Ride and row will drive you towards the progress and results you desire and deserve - participants must bring earphones to Plug into our Listen to audio system participants must download the App Audio app on their smartphone.

Mondays 10:15 – 11:00   Shelly
Wednesdays 10:15 – 10:00   Kat

Check out this page for details on setting up the Spin Class App.

If you've forgotten your headphones, pairs are available in the Sun Shop for $10.