More Wellness Webinars

Women’s Heart Health: What Makes Us Different

Men’s and women’s hearts are structurally similar, but women have unique risk factors for, and symptoms of, heart disease. Treatment of women’s heart health issues has progressed in recent years, but we have a long way to go. Join us to discuss:

  • Current issues with women’s heart health
  • Why women have different symptoms and risk for heart disease
  • How to keep your ticker ticking! Prevention is key!

New Year’s Resolutions: Planning for Success

In this session, participants will learn about:
• Creating a successful plan for healthy behavior change
• Building their personal strengths
• Motivation and persistence

Finding the right tools for healthy, long term weight Loss

In this webinar you will learn: – How the WI takes a multi-faceted approach to health. – Review elements and practices associated with positive healthy behaviours – About the Weight Loss Clinic offered by the WI to support you in your health goals.

Emotional Eating is (Un)Healthy: balancing food, mood, and cravings

  • Discuss what emotional eating really is, and how it factors into normal eating patterns.
  • Explore why we often fear emotional eating.
  • Discuss building our emotional coping toolbox so we can relax around food and enjoy eating more.

Nutrition for the Young at Heart: Eating Well for Active Aging

A Wellness Webinar with Laura Creek Newman, Registered Dietitian. Understand balanced eating for older adults, see how nutritional health affects overall wellness, and build skills for assessing nutrition claims.

Plantar Fasciitis: A Pain in the Foot 

This webinar explains foundational bodyweight exercises that provide benefit no matter your current level of activity or expertise. A discussion on how “simple” exercises help an individual practice the skills necessary for more complex and challenging progressions. Beginners will learn a “starter” routine to comfortably introduce them to strength training, while more advanced exercisers can use the information as an audit to their form and technique, or as a warm-up to their complex exercises.

Plantar Fasciitis: A Pain in the Foot 

Plantar Fasciitis is one of the most common types of heel pain. In this webinar, you will learn about the causes of Plantar Fasciitis and different types of treatment including some tips on self-treatment.

The Manitoba View on FLU Prevention: Prevention Options for Older Adults

Join Dr. Tim Hilderman and Peggy Prendergast for a conversation about the FLU, the risk to your health and prevention options to help you stay healthy and active throughout the year. Dr. Tim Hilderman is a Medical Officer of Health, Interlake/Eastman Regional Health Authority. Peggy Prendergast is a retired teacher and octogenarian. She shares her personal story on the benefits she experienced from getting the FLU shot.

Low Back Pain: Tips for Self Treatment

A vast majority of people will develop low back pain at some point in their life. There are many different types and causes of low back pain, and they are all not treated the same.

In this webinar on October 30th you will learn:

  • About a few common types of low back pain
  • Related symptoms of common types of low back pain
  • A few self-treatment tips to help manage your pain

Hosted by:
Kerry St. George, BMR (PT), MCISc MT, FCAMPT
Physiotherapist at the Wellness Institute Sport Injury and Rehabilitation Clinic. She graduated from the University of Manitoba with Bachelors of Physiotherapy and a Masters of Clinical Science in Manual Therapy from Western University. She enjoys working with clients with spinal pain. In her spare time she enjoys the outdoors—skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer. 

Active Aging: Toward Optimal Health for Life

Catch the wave of active aging in Manitoba! This video discusses opportunities for all older Manitobans to enhance their health, mobility and continuing participation in their community. Discover how ageless engagement of older Manitobans, can help promote healthy choices and behaviours contributing positively to an individual’s wellbeing and quality of life.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Issues facing older adults that challenge active aging opportunities
  • What active aging means & the benefits of living actively
  • The ages & stages of active aging: ageless engagement
  • Life enrichment through active aging; the importance of staying socially connected
  • Opportunities that encourage older Manitobans to be participants for life

Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Do you have a hard time falling asleep? Are you pumping yourself with caffeine in order to stay awake during the day? Fatigue can impact your health, safety and productivity at work. Join Katherine Kenyon, M.A. in Clinical Psychology, to learn about proper sleep hygiene and what you can do to get a better nights rest.

In this online webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What a good night sleep is
  • Things that hinder getting the rest you need
  • Strategies for good sleep hygiene
  • and more!

Why Am I Not Losing Weight? Strategies for Effective Weight Loss

Have you tried to lose weight with no success? You are not alone, many people who want to lose weight have been unable to. Join our professionals, Laura Creek Newman, RD, & Ashley Derlago, BKin, CSEP-CEP, EMIC, and learn about effective strategies that will help versus hinder your efforts.