More Wellness Innovation in China

Mr. David Murphy Senior Trade Commissioner, Embassy of Canada to China
Mr. Kong Fei CEO of MoreHealth
Ms. Carrie Solmundson, CEO MoreWellness
The honorable John McCallum, Canada’s Ambassador to China
Dr. Zeng Qiang Director of the Health Management Institute of the Chinese PLA General Hospital
Mr. Bu Jiangyong Chairman of MoreHealth, Senior Vice President of Sanpower Group
Mr. Yang Hongwei Director General of China Health Development Research Centre

A wellness model invented at Seven Oaks Hospital in Winnipeg is being expanded across China with the creation of a new Joint Venture Company.

Canada Wellness Institute, a global leader in medically-based fitness services and More Health, the largest digital health services company in China, are creating a joint venture company that will integrate new medical fitness facilities and online solutions across China.

The ambitious plan for expansion means dozens of facilities will be developed in the next three years.

China is undergoing a paradigm shift in health care from an historic focus on infectious diseases to a focus on managing and preventing chronic disease. Like Canada and most developed countries, China has an aging population and growing incidence of common chronic illnesses associated with unhealthy lifestyles such as type 2 diabetes, and heart, lung and kidney disease.

The new company will bridge fitness and facility-based approaches to chronic disease management and prevention with online support and coaching for healthy lifestyle improvement.

The new company will support existing Canada Wellness Institute facilities including one large facility operating in Shandong Province and another medium facility in development now in Hubei province, as well as develop new small and medium size facilities in Beijing, Shanghai and other major cities.

More Health is financing the company and will hold a 65% share, technology start-up Getwell will hold 10% as a silent partner and Canada Wellness Institute will have a 25% share based on valuation of its intellectual property and knowhow. The company will have a shared governance model and a Management Agreement that will make former Seven Oaks Hospital President and Chief Operating Officer Carrie Solmundson, CEO for the new company.

Solmundson has retained a leadership role for the Wellness Institute and for Seven Oaks Hospital Chronic Disease Innovation Centre here in Winnipeg. Any profits or dividends from Joint Venture will be reinvested in further innovation in chronic disease prevention at Seven Oaks Hospital.

Canada Wellness Institute is grateful for the guidance it has received in its entry into the Chinese market from the Canadian Embassy in China, Global Affairs Trade Commissioner service, and the federal Trade Minister which helped get Canada Wellness Institute on the agenda for senior government decision makers in China.

The Canada China Business Council CCBC has also been a valuable support with contacts, advice and encouragement as the leading voice of Canadian businesses in China for 40 years.


About Canada Wellness Institute

Canada Wellness Institute is a leading provider of medically-based fitness services focused on chronic disease management and preventive care. It has adapted an award winning model developed at Wellness Institute in Winnipeg for partnership with hospitals, senior care facilities and medical tourism resorts in China.


About More Health

More Health is a digital health services company providing 30 million end users of its smartphone platform with health insurance, home medical monitoring, wearable devices, and providing medical appointments with clinics and doctors. It is a subsidiary in the health division of Chinese multinational San Power Group which also operates hospitals and senior care facilities in China and other countries.