Meet our Team

Our rehabilitation team members are certified in their fields and here to support quick, safe and effective recovery. From our Rehabilitation & Sports Injury Clinic, to Return to Work Services, our multi-disciplinary team supports a wide range of clients and recovery needs.


Peter Milner

Physiotherapist, Clinic

Peter has 39 years of experience in musculoskeletal treatment and rehabilitation, and is certified in manual therapy and acupuncture. Peter’s involvement in sports includes working as provincial rugby and soccer team physiotherapist over several seasons. Peter’s education, work experience and personal interest in activity help him understand and treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal injuries caused by work or play.


Kerry St. George

Physiotherapist, Clinic

Kerry graduated from the University of Manitoba and completed a Masters of Clinical Science in Manipulation at the University of Western Ontario. She is certified in acupuncture and experienced in WorkWell functional capacity evaluations. She comes to us with work experience in the acute care clinic as well as in reconditioning and work hardening programs with oil patch workers in Lloydminster, Alberta.


Dr. Tim Pethrick

Chiropractor, Clinic

One of the few chiropractors in Manitoba certified in Active Release Techniques (ART) and Functional Movement Screening (FMS), Tim provides manipulation, acupuncture and soft tissue techniques to our clients. He is trained as a Progressive Goal Attainment Program (PGAP) provider and assists with ART training across Canada.  His life-long quest for learning has inspired him to organize an ongoing series of educational seminars at the Wellness Institute which focus on current, evidence-based rehabilitation trends and strategies.


Dr. Luke Hanaway

Chiropractor, Clinic

A graduate of Northwestern Health Sciences University, Dr. Hanaway is certified in ART, Graston soft tissue techniques, and acupuncture. With his amicable personality and variety of interests, he provides comprehensive treatment to clients with a wide range of injuries.



Erika Andrejowich

Athletic Therapist, Clinic

BSc Kin, CAT(c)



Julia Braaksma

Athletic Therapist, Clinic

BSc Kin, CAT(c)


Jennifer Gashinski

Dietitian, Clinic

As a registered dietitian, Jennifer’s focus is assisting people in implementing lifestyle changes to improve health. She is an intrinsic part of the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, provides various nutrition presentations, is involved in numerous weight management programs both for individuals and groups, conducts nutritional counselling sessions for individuals and families and teaches cooking and nutritional classes.


Dr. Allan Moore

Psychologist, Clinic/Work Injury Management Team

In addition to providing psychology services to our clients, Dr. Moore guides the work injury management team in best approach practices to help our clients overcome the psychosocial barriers interfering with return to work. He provides clients with tools to manage pain, sleep, PTSD, fear of re-injury, workplace barriers, communication issues and more.


Dorotea Cassels

Physiotherapist & Senior, Work Injury Management Team

Dorotea mentors the team with 30 years of experience in the areas of musculoskeletal injuries, core and pelvic floor rehabilitation, hip and knee replacements, cardiac teaching, ergonomic assessment, transfer training, injury prevention presentations and company stretch programs. As a certified PGAP (Progressive Goal Attainment Program) provider, she has a special interest in pain science and the psychosocial factors related to injury recovery.


Karen Hopko

Physiotherapist, Work Injury Management Team

Karen has 22 years experience, specializing in musculoskeletal injury, both acute and chronic. She has advanced training in acupuncture, mobilization and manipulation and pain science. With a focus on self-management, Karen provides clients with the tools to manage their symptoms independently.



Shauna Bourbonniere

Occupational Therapist, Work Injury Management Team

A former case manager, Shauna has many years of experience in return to work programs, job demands analysis, functional capacity evaluation, ergonomic assessment, pre-employment screening and transfer training. Excelling in the objective evaluation and the teaching of safe body mechanics, Shauna provides confidence to our clients in their ability to manage any task on the job.


Sylvia Marusyk

Occupational Therapist, Work Injury Management Team

With a strong background in psych OT, PGAP and behaviour change theory, Sylvia has led our team in developing an education program to address the psychosocial aspects of return to work rehabilitation. An excellent speaker, you will often see Sylvia at conferences providing seminars in the area of Injury Prevention. She also works with various companies bringing unique approaches to improving morale and injury prevention.


Wes Pomarensky

Certified Exercise Physiologist & Personal Trainer, Work Injury Management Team

Wes is a Certified Exercise Physiologist and Personal Trainer with a BA in Kinesiology, bringing a strong background of exercise knowledge to the injury management team. From young to old, chronic disease to athletic populations, a vast range of experience provides Wes with the skills to safely implement and progress exercise techniques to assist clients in their rehabilitation.


Sherry Ferguson

Rehabilitation Assistant, Work Injury Management Team

Under the direction of the Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists, Sherry is vigilant in her observation and direction of clients and in teaching safe body mechanics and exercise techniques. Her sense of humour and ability to connect with clients goes a long way in providing them a sense of self-worth and confidence in their abilities.