The 7-Day Hydration Challenge

Hydration is key to maintaining our organs and keeping systems in our body operating effectively. It is critical for every function in our body ... from eliminating toxins and waste to burning calories to regulating your body temperature. 

This free challenge is going to help you learn about the benefits of staying properly hydrated, raise awareness of your current water intake and challenge your habits to help optimize your hydration.

The Challenge Begins January 25

What it is:  

It is 7-days to raise your awareness of you water intake and challenge your habits. It may be hard at times, but it’s not forever!  We hope that this will be a catalyst for you to maintain or improve your hydration level.

What you get:

Subscribers get a welcome email with challenge details then free daily emails to support you in the challenge. Visit our Facebook event page for more motivation and support.

To begin:

Sign-up on this page, then get prepared! Find a nice water bottle to make staying hydrated appealing.


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