Hunan Province wants Wellness

Wellness Institute at Seven Oaks General Hospital hosted a visit today by a delegation of high officials from the People’s Government of Hunan Province led by His Excellency Mr. XIANG Lili, Vice Governor. The delegation is on an international mission to visit leading healthcare facilities and businesses in North America and the South Pacific, and included a visit to Manitoba along with a trip to Vancouver, Houston and San Francisco in order to discuss a cooperation agreement with Wellness Institute. The Province of Manitoba Department of Growth Enterprise and Trade formally invited the delegation to facilitate the meeting at Wellness and for trade discussions including other enterprises in Manitoba.The Vice-Governor and his team were welcomed by Bruce King, past Board Chair of Seven Oaks General Hospital and current Director of the Seven Oaks Hospital Chronic Disease Innovation Centre which was created to oversee the commercialization of expertise at Wellness, and to support chronic disease research and commercialization at Seven Oaks.

The delegation included officials that are the equivalent of Minsters of Health, Education and Commerce for Hunan, a landlocked province of 80 million in central China, as well as the President of The People’s Hospital of Hunan Province, the largest tertiary hospital in Hunan, located in Changsha the capital city.

The group toured Wellness Institute with Executive Director Casie Nishi and asked many questions about how Wellness works with the healthcare system here and how it might work in China.

After the discussions, a memorandum of understanding was signed between Seven Oaks Hospital and The People’s Hospital of Hunan Province to cooperate on training physicians and healthcare personnel in our model for chronic disease management and prevention and to work toward the development of a joint facility in Changsha.

“This is an important first step towards expanding our Canada Wellness Institute brand to Hunan Province. We now have the approval of the Vice-Governor to move forward, so it will be our job to work with his officials to make it a real business,” said Nishi.

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