Reaching Your Best Weight

Creating long-term habits to support your best overall health is proven to be more effective to maintain weight loss than restrictive diets. That's why our weight loss philosophy encourages you to find your Best Weight: whatever weight you achieve while living the healthiest lifestyle that you truly enjoy. This focus helps you create a sustainable lifestyle that includes healthy living behaviours that match your goals and needs, without excess restriction or missing out on the moments or activities that are important to you.


Our program uses evidence-based practices so you can take charge of your health with the most effective strategies and support. Our health-centric approach incorporates the science behind weight loss to help you reach your goals and achieve lasting results.

Personalized for You

Our programs deliver personalized support to give you your best chance of success. Your recommendations are always customized to be safe and effective with achievable steps towards reaching your Best Weight.

Proven Outcomes

We invest in research to ensure our approach works, not only to help you lose weight but to achieve good health. Several health indicators are tracked alongside biometrics because positive changes should not only help with your weight but reduce your health risks and help you feel better overall.

Expert Support

Our program is developed by a team of health professionals, including physicians, dietitians, exercise experts, and mental health professionals, and includes expert coaching to support you on your weight loss journey. See our Weight Loss Clinic program page for more about the team delivering your support.

Our Program

Weight Loss Clinic

$ 399 per mo
  • 4 months with opportunity to continue
  • In-person with virtual components
  • Ideal if you are serious about losing weight but have been unsuccessful on your own
  • Unique, personalized weight loss journey supported by a team of health professionals in our medically-managed clinic
  • Comprehensive health risk screening and fitness assessment at baseline and after 4 months to monitor progress
  • Coaching sessions with a Registered Dietitian and a Personal Trainer (2x per month with each Coach)
  • Personalized exercise plan
  • Nutrition strategy and custom meal plans with access to hundreds of healthy recipes
  • Coaching sessions with a Clinical Social Worker to support changes in how we think and to find solutions to overcome obstacles
  • Consultation with Physician for medical support for obesity-related health conditions and weight loss medication* (as appropriate)
  • Daily group exercise classes lead by Certified Personal trainer
  • Access to the Wellness Institute fitness facility (includes parking)
  • Maintenance program to help you sustain healthy behaviours

   Some services included in our Weight Loss Clinic program may be covered under third-party insurance plans. Contact your insurer for coverage details. Receipt provided.
* Obesity medication may help you in your obesity management journey when health behaviour changes alone have not been effective or sustainable. Cost of medication not included.

More Support for Living Well at Your Best Weight

Our team of weight loss experts have developed a list of key strategies to live well at your best weight. Get our list of evidence-based Healthy Weight Loss Strategies here.

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Options for Added Support

At any stage of your weight loss journey, you may choose additional supports to help you reach your goals. Talk to your coach about options or explore our lifestyle services below.

InBody Body Composition Analysis

Find out what you're made of.

Track important metrics such as your basal metabolic rate, levels of visceral fat and overall muscle mass and BMI to get more focused expert support.

Personal Training

Reach your personal best Making a lifestyle change requires support and that's where our team of experts comes in. Degreed and certified, our personal trainers work with members to develop individualized programs.

Diet & Nutrition

Our diet and
nutrition experts
will help you
understand which
foods to choose and
how to prepare menus,
because sometimes
it's mind over meals.