Lose Weight for Good

Take a healthy, evidence-based approach to weight loss

The evidence is overwhelming – successful weight loss requires a combination of diet, physical activity and behaviour management.

The Wellness Institute provides expertise in all three areas, to help you make lasting improvements to your health and lifestyle, whether you choose a comprehensive group program or one-on-one services for support personalized to your unique needs.

Gold standard practices guide all our weight loss programming. We’re here to support your choice to live the rest of your life as the best version of you. Lose unnecessary and unhealthy extra weight and keep it off for good with the support of professional weight loss coaches and dietitians, our weight management lifestyle program, our intensive weight loss challenge and certified personal trainers.


From low intensity to high impact, we have classes and programs for people of all ages and fitness levels in our world-class medical fitness facility.

Fitter. Firmer. Faster.

An intensive fitness weight loss challenge

Get Fitter.Firmer.Faster. with weekly team fitness challenges and weigh-ins to help keep you motivated. Educational Super Sessions show you how to keep weight off beyond this high-intensity program.

Weight Loss Clinic

The Weight Loss Clinic provides clinically-managed weight loss services grounded in scientific evidence and delivered by a team of health experts with Physician oversight.

InBody Body Composition Analysis

Find out what you're made of.

Track important metrics such as your basal metabolic rate, levels of visceral fat and overall muscle mass and BMI to get more focused expert support.


Achieving life-changing results comes easier when you add a little wellness.

Members always start on the right path with a Personal Wellness Plan and exercise prescription. We offer many group classes that allow you to connect with others while working towards you goals and can recommend a variety of one-on-one training and coaching options for added support and expertise.

Personal Training

Reach your personal best

Making a lifestyle change requires support and that's where our team of experts comes in. Degreed and certified, our personal trainers work with members to develop individualized programs.

Diet & Nutrition

Our diet and
nutrition experts
will help you
understand which
foods to choose and
how to prepare menus,
because sometimes
it's mind over meals.