Enhancing Health Outcomes

Whether it’s to support lifestyle change or to help manage a specific injury or chronic condition, we are here to improve the health of your patients.

The Wellness Institute is the only Certified Medical Fitness Facility in Manitoba integrated with a general hospital. We are uniquely able to provide our members with adapted programming, and direct medical supervision where required.

Members start with an initial intake assessment and a plan personalized to their needs.

We also offer evidence-based and personalized services including fitness, diet and nutrition, healthy weight loss. The Wellness Insitute Clinic is a rehabilitation and preventive health clinic that houses the clinical component of our lifestyle medicine services.

Our multi-disciplinary team is ready to welcome your patients. Results of all testing performed at our facility will be forwarded to the primary care provider with patient consent.

Please take a moment to help them get started by submitting the referral form.

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Supporting healthy lifestyle change

Research has clearly shown that the role of physicians and other health care professionals in adopting lifestyle change is crucial. Often the first step in creating change is encouragement or prescription from a trusted healthcare provider. Once a patient recognizes that a lifestyle change is necessary, our team of professionals will provide support and expertise in behaviour change to help them develop the skills, confidence and motivation to succeed. You can help your patient stay committed to making healthy changes by asking about their experience or following up in a subsequent appointment.

A continuum of care for your patients

Following are links to additional information about the specialized programs and services that we can offer to your patients. Please contact us with any questions you may have. If you would like, we would be pleased to provide you with a presentation of our services (at your premises) or offer you a tour of our facility.

Living with Chronic Conditions

Through our relationship with Seven Oaks General Hospital, we offer many evidence-based programs for people recovering from and living with chronic disease and illness. Some of these are fully funded by Manitoba Health and the WRHA, making it easier for your patients to participate.

Cardiac Rehab Referral      Pulmonary Rehab Referral

Additional Chronic Disease Management Programs

The Wellness Institute Clinic

Our rehabilitation professionals help your patients recover faster with massage, physiotherapy, chiropractic,  and foot care services.

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Patients do not require a referral to take part in the following programs at our Clinic. They can call 204-632-3910 or email clinic@wellnessinstitute.ca for information or to book.

GLA:D Program for Arthritis Management (pre-surgical)

The GLA:D™ Canada program is an education and exercise program that has helped thousands of people with hip and knee osteoarthritis manage symptoms and improve their quality of life. The physiotherapist-led program strengthens and corrects daily movement patterns, training the body to move properly in everyday activities.

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Hip or Knee Joint Replacement Rehabilitation

People living with arthritis and recovering after hip or knee replacement surgery have unique requirements on their path to wellness and require adapted programs, therapeutic treatment, and direct supervision during exercise. Individual and group physiotherapy treatment is available. Patients do not require a referral.

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Post COVID-19 Rehabilitation and Recovery Program

Our team brings together expertise from our chronic disease management, rehabilitation and return-to-work programs, to provide comprehensive support. Clients will receive a comprehensive initial assessment with a Physiotherapist to assess baseline function, as well as their nutritional and mental health, needs to develop a care plan that will address their concerns and goals. Our team will tailor a recovery and rehabilitation program for each person’s unique needs and goals. The customized care plan may include a combination of approaches and therapies to ensure each person gets the treatment they need to recover as quickly and safely as possible.

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Healthy Weight Loss

We can help your patients lose weight and keep it off for good with a combination of diet, physical activity and behaviour management.

Weight Loss Clinic

The Weight Loss Clinic is a behavioural weight loss program with physician oversight to ensure all weight loss plans are medically sound, safe, and effective. Our fully customized program goes beyond a meal and exercise plan to address the issues that affect success, from stress triggers and emotional eating to sleep habits and self-esteem. Supported by a multi-disciplinary team of experts.

For details, contact Ashley Derlago, Manager of Coaching Services at 204-632-3909 or aderlago@sogh.mb.ca. 

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Weight Loss for Health Online Program

This program aims to reduce the risk of developing health complications among people with metabolic syndrome including diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and those at risk of developing severe outcomes from COVID-19 infection. The 16-week weight loss program starts with a health risk assessment that informs a personalized wellness plan. Coaching support and access to cutting-edge online tools are included. Participants have access to the online platform for 8-months beyond the core program to continue with their lifestyle changes. Available to all Manitobans.

For details, contact Ashley Derlago, Manager of Coaching Services at 204-632-3909 or aderlago@sogh.mb.ca. 

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Diabetes Wellness Program

We’ve developed a free, comprehensive program to help patients better manage their diabetes as it progresses over time. Expert support includes diabetes counselling with a Certified Diabetes Educator, an intro to exercise with a Certified Exercise Physiologist, professionally led classes, access to diabetes education resources plus email and mobile support to stay on track. Additional diabetes supports available on site. Patients can set up a free intake appointment with a Diabetes Educator by calling 204-632-3910 or emailing diabeteswellness@wellnessinstitute.ca.

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For inquiries about referring to any programs or services at the Wellness Institute, please contact us:

email: info@wellnessinstitute.ca