Regular maintenance and improvements are critical to provide the ideal environment for fitness and lifestyle medicine. The Wellness Institute continually reinvests in our facility to ensure a welcoming environment, state-of-the-art equipment and accessible and top quality amenities.

Most annual improvements are part of our ongoing replacement plan, developed as part of our plan to ensure our facility remains a sustainable as a self-supporting non-profit enterprise. However, with 20 years since construction of our award-winning facility, we are planning a multiyear reinvestment to take us through the next 20 years.

Find details on featured, ongoing and upcoming projects below:

Men's Locker Room Refresh

We are committed to keeping the building refreshed and well maintained.  As part of that commitment, we are starting a project to refresh the men's locker room. The project includes switching most day lockers to new keyless locks and installing fresh carpeting. Work on the women's locker room will follow next year. Locker replacement will begin after close on Thursday, September 26. 


Why are you replacing the lockers?

We are committed to keeping the building refreshed and well maintained.  The lockers have been in place since we opened (23 years) and are seeing a fair bit of wear and tear.

When is the work starting?

After we close on Thursday, September 26th and will likely continue for 4 more Thursday nights, as they anticipate the work will require 5 phases.

Why isn’t the work being done on consecutive days?

Two reasons: First is to have gradual learning of the new locks, second is so our maintenance staff can be around to assist with anything that might come up, as they are working after hours.  He works his night shift every Thursday.

What lockers can I use during the renovation?

Use of the day lockers should not be impacted.  The work is taking place overnight in sections.  Each new section should be available for use the following morning.  The installers may still be doing some final detail work right when we open, but for the most part, there should be minimal impact to members during this process.

I have a Kit Locker.  How am I impacted during the renovation?

All Kit Locker banks (vertical sections of 4 Kit Lockers – ie 4a, 4b, 4c, 4d) will be relocated to the long wall on the right as you walk in to the men’s locker room.  Once your new locker is in place, you will be able to visit the Front Desk to change in your old key for your new one and start using your new locker.

What about the women’s lockers?

The women’s lockers will likely be replaced next summer.  The men’s lockers were in worse shape, which is why they were selected to be replaced first.

Does this mean my membership fees are going up?

As with all renovations of this nature, funds are set aside each year in a replacement plan to allow us to budget for these projects.  Membership fee increases are not directly impacted by this project.

How do I use the new locks?

Watch the video below or click here. You can come see us at the Front Desk and we would be happy to give you a demonstration on one of our sample locks and let you test it out yourself. We will have instructions posted throughout the locker room with the instructions on how to use them, for quick reference.


What if I forget the code to my lock?

No worries – we have a master key that can open the lock.  Come see us at the Front Desk if this happens.  Our advice so that you can best remember your code is to use the year of your birth (or a significant birthday) or the last 4 digits of your phone number.

Now that I don’t have a key with my locker number on it, how will I remember which locker I have?

The lockers will still have numbers on them, but if you think you might forget which one you have used for the day, there will be dry erase boards in a few areas of the locker room.  You can use this board to put your name or initials with your locker number beside it.  When you come back in from your workout, you can confirm your number and then erase it.

Without a key, how do I sign out equipment at the Front Desk?

Your key will no longer be required to sign out a piece of equipment. There will be a sign out/sign in sheet at the front desk.

I am visually impaired?  How do I access these new locks?

We have reserved 22 lockers (1 or 2 in each bay of lockers) for people with visual impairments. These lockers will continue to be a card lock locker (just like the existing ones) and will be marked with signs (in lettered print and braille) indicating they are reserved.

Is anything else changing, or just the lockers?

The carpets will also be replaced once the lockers are all installed.





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Recently Completed

Air Handling Unit Replacement

  • New unit installed to reduce roof issues and improve air handling in the main gym area

Therapy Pool Renovation & Enhancement

  • Increased capacity by 26%
  • Funded by the Wellness Institute, Counsellor Devi Sharma, Old Kildonan, City of Winnipeg and the Province of Manitoba Community Places Program.

Shower Areas:

  • Men's and women's shower areas were renovated (touch-ups continue)

Parking Lot:

  • 23% increase in parking, including 14 new designated handicap stalls

Rehabilitation & Sports Injury Clinic:

  • Improvements to FCE and Work Simulation spaces to support our Return to Work Services

Washroom Upgrades:

  • Updating facilities by the track and by the lower level lounge area

2015 Front Desk renewal:

  • Modernization of equipment
  • Better traffic flow and control

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