Regular maintenance and improvements are critical to provide the ideal environment for fitness and lifestyle medicine. The Wellness Institute continually reinvests in our facility to ensure a welcoming environment, state-of-the-art equipment and accessible and top quality amenities.

Most annual improvements are part of our ongoing replacement plan, developed as part of our plan to ensure our facility remains a sustainable as a self-supporting non-profit enterprise. However, with 20 years since construction of our award-winning facility, we are planning a multiyear reinvestment to take us through the next 20 years.

Find details on featured, ongoing and upcoming projects below:

Air Handling Unit Replacement

We are installing a new unit on a steel frame by the northwest corner of the building. This will not only replace older equipment, but provide better access for maintenance and potentially reduce future roof issues.

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Therapy Pool Renovation & Enhancement

Funded by the Wellness Institute, Counsellor Devi Sharma, Old Kildonan, City of Winnipeg and the Province of Manitoba Community Places Program.

One of the first steps toward a facility-wide reinvestment was renovating our therapy pool, increasing capacity by approx. 26%.

Recently Completed

Shower Areas:

  • Men's and women's shower areas were renovated (touch-ups continue)

Parking Lot:

  • 23% increase in parking, including 14 new designated handicap stalls

Rehabilitation & Sports Injury Clinic:

  • Improvements to FCE and Work Simulation spaces to support our Return to Work Services

Washroom Upgrades:

  • Updating facilities by the track and by the lower level lounge area

2015 Front Desk renewal:

  • Modernization of equipment
  • Better traffic flow and control

Donate to Help Improve Wellness

The Wellness Institute is a self-supporting, non-profit enterprise and does not receive any government funding. Your charitable donation to the Wellness Future Fund through the Seven Oaks General Hospital Foundation helps fund capitol improvements as well as programs, innovation and research. Call 204-632-3552 or donate online.