Executive Health Assessments

A strategic investment in health - the most important investment you will ever make in yourself or your people

Our Executive Health Assessment is an in-depth medical examination conducted by a physician and other specialists, with a focus on early detection and disease prevention. Much more extensive than a typical annual check-up, it provides a head-to-toe exam as well as a battery of advanced tests that range from important biomarkers to observing the heart under the stress of exercise.

The Wellness Institute has been a leading provider of Executive Health Assessments for over 15 years (formerly Executive Medical Assessments). Our state-of-the-art medical fitness facility, proximity to Seven Oaks General Hospital and the Wellness Institute Clinic for rehabilitation and preventive health allow us to deliver seamless testing.

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A Strategic Investment in Health

More business leaders are recognizing the value in investing in themselves and senior staff through Executive Health Assessments. The cost of losing a senior manager recovering from illness (or worse) is very high. Executive Health Assessments provide an opportunity to balance the ledger.


The most complete health assessment

Relax in the comfort of our new private executive lounge between screenings. By the time your assessment is finished, you will have a concrete strategic plan for risk assessment and better health and wellness. All results will be summed up in a comprehensive, individualized written report from the physician.

Our half-day comprehensive assessments are delivered by experienced physicians and other practitioners and include:

  • A one-hour initial examination with a physician.
  • Extensive diagnostic lab tests include blood counts, cholesterol and blood sugar screenings.
  • Checks for liver, kidney and thyroid function.
  • Vision and hearing screens.
  • Spirometry to assess lung function.
  • A full fitness assessment with a kinesiologist in our fitness testing facility. Includes anthropometric measurements, testing for cardiovascular fitness, plus consultation on your fitness goals.
  • Arterial stiffness assessment
  • A state-of-the-art InBody body composition analysis including basal metabolic rate.
  • A Physician-supervised Stress Test (GXT).
  • A follow-up visit with the physician to review test results, discuss any health risks and concerns, recommend any follow-up testing that may be needed and answer your questions.
  • A report outlining results, diagnoses and recommended follow-ups, as well as a comparative analysis when past medical information is available.
  • Abdominal & pelvic ultrasound (additional fee)
  • Nutrition assessment and consultation (additional fee)

Customized support and expert advice

Based on the results of your assessment, you can work with our experts to design a personalized program which may include:

Workout Plan: includes time with a personal trainer who can develop a customized action plan to meet your fitness goals. Ongoing personal training sessions can be added for motivation, support and progression towards your fitness goal.

Nutrition Plan: expands upon your initial nutritional assessment to include a personalized action plan and meal plan: both can be tailored to medical issues such as celiac disease, high blood pressure, blood sugar/diabetes or high cholesterol. Additional Nutrition Coaching is available as needed.

The combination of our expert staff, extensive programming and multi-function facility allows us to meet the diverse needs of our clients.
Find additional expert-led options to support your prescribed lifestyle change or personal health goals below.

Weight Loss Clinic

The Weight Loss Clinic provides clinically-managed weight loss services grounded in scientific evidence and delivered by a team of health experts with Physician oversight.

The Wellness Institute Clinic

Take charge of your health or recovery at our rehabilitation and preventive health clinic.

Pre-work Screenings

Ensure that the people you hire are physically capable of performing a job, especially if the job is physically demanding.


When it comes to nutrition, a one-size-fits-all approach really doesn’t fit all. We each respond differently to foods, vitamins, and dietary habits. Find out what works best for you based on your genes, not food trends.

Mental Health Services

Our team can support your mental wellbeing and help you be successful in your path to improved wellness.

Personal Training

Reach your personal best Making a lifestyle change requires support and that's where our team of experts comes in. Degreed and certified, our personal trainers work with members to develop individualized programs.

Diet & Nutrition

Our diet and
nutrition experts
will help you
understand which
foods to choose and
how to prepare menus,
because sometimes
it's mind over meals.