quick start guide your dietitian-suggested meal planning tool
Username: the email address you provided to the Weight Loss Clinic
Password:  set it when you accept the invitation from your dietitian
Video tutorials:

Access securely from any computer or mobile device

Setting Up Your Account

At your initial nutrition assessment, your dietitian will gather your health and nutrition history, as well as meal and food preferences. You will be sent an email invitation from to join Eatlove and view your first meal plan.

Note: Check your spam filters if you do not receive the email within 24 hours. Do not reply to this email address. Contact your dietitian directly with issues.

Follow the link in the email to set up your account. Create a password for the site and record it so you can log in later. Your username will be the email you provided to the Weight Loss Clinic.

Forgot your password? Go to and click sign up, then click “forgot password”. You will receive an email with a link to reset the password.

Exploring the Website

There are two main ways to use Eatlove for meal inspiration. You can schedule customized meal plans from your dietitian, or look at your meal feed for new ideas and inspirations. Both options will be tailored to your specific nutrient needs, so you can be sure you’re working towards your nutrition goals.

Your meal feed will show the upcoming meal. Click the “expand” button at the top right of the feed to see a 5-day view of your meal plan.

Click the Rx icon at the top right of the screen to see your nutrition prescription (e.g. hypertension diet) and all your dietitian-recommended meal plans. You can schedule the meal plan from this screen.

Click the “preferences” tab above the meal feed to set your meal type, portion, and ingredient preferences, as well as adjust the number of people eating at each meal. This helps the system suggest foods and dished you’re more likely to enjoy.

Click the “sync calendars” tab above the meal feed if you’d like to integrate your meal schedule into your Google or Apple calendar.

Click the grocery basket icon at the top right of the screen to see what is in your grocery list.

Click the icon of three horizontal bars at the top right to view your account settings (including changing your password screen) and notification settings. 

Adjust your meal plan and meal feed:

Use the swap button on any recipe in your meal feed or your meal plan to change a recipe. Eatlove will automatically give new suggestions that fit your nutrition prescription (smart choices); click on “select meal” and it will be put into your plan. You can also search through the recipe catalogue by choosing “search foods and recipes” from the drop-down menu about the suggested meals. From your meal feed, you can also swap and insert restaurant foods from many large chains, or swap with your own recipe.

From your meal feed, click the “…” button on any recipe to reschedule meals, delete them, add new foods, and look up the nutrient info for your chosen meals.

Use the batch cook option to have meals ready to go. In a meal plan, click on the container icon and select the number of leftovers you would like and they will be added to your plan. From the meal feed, click the “…” symbol beside “swap” and choose “batch cook” from the tan semi-circle on the left side of the screen.

Note: You can easily substitute ingredients and still follow the plan. Simple swaps to use what you have or suit your preferences are encouraged. For example, swap kale for spinach, remove mushrooms, choose non-dairy milk in place of dairy, etc. Your Eatlove meal plan is your base of inspiration and it should support what works best for you.

Search for recipes:

When you want to swap a recipe, you can choose to “search for a recipe” instead.

Try removing some or all of the filters to get more search options.

You can browse the recipe catalogue by clicking the search icon (magnifying glass) and choosing a meal type. You can also filter recipes by type of cooking equipment, or by restaurant meals.

Schedule a meal plan:

To schedule a dietitian-recommended meal plan, click the “Rx” button at the top of the screen and click the green “schedule” button on your preferred plan.

Your meal plan is scheduled in your calendar, starting the following day.

To reschedule your meal plan, click the “Rx” button, choose your meal plan, and change the date range. Eatlove will automatically update your meal feed.

Click the “clear” button on the recipe to remove individual meals or days from your schedule.


Eatlove creates a customized grocery list to match your meal plan. Schedule a meal plan, then click the grocery basket icon at the top right to create the grocery list. Select the calendar icon just above the recipe feed and set your date range for the dates of your meal plan.

You can also build your grocery list by clicking the orange grocery basket button on any recipe on your meal feed.

Your grocery list is updated whenever you schedule a meal plan. Amounts listed are adjusted for the number of portions listed in each recipe.

Non-food items can also be added to the plan. Click the purple “+” icon on the right of the grocery list to add your own items.

Go through your pantry and check off items you already have. Click on an item to see which recipes use it. Adjust the amount on your list as desired.

Planning ahead:

You will receive daily emails from Eatlove with your meals for the day, as well as prep-ahead tasks. To adjust your notification settings, click the three bars icon at the top right and select account settings.

When you are logged in, Eatlove will give you reminders of your upcoming meals and prep tasks. Click the Message icon beside the grocery basket to see your tasks.


When you find a food or recipe you really like, click the save button on the recipe.

Swap your favourites for meals from the generated meal plans.

Note: you can print out or save recipes to your computer for later reference.

Log your meals:

Eatlove can now log your meals. Click the green “log meal” button on any recipe. Eatlove can also log the nutrition info for many restaurant meals. To view your log, click the “Daily Log” button at the bottom of the home page. Work with your dietitian to meet your nutrition goals.

Building Your Meal Planning Skills

As you get comfortable with the platform and process, you can continue using the sample meal plans provided by your dietitian, or you can start creating your own. By searching for recipes and scheduling whole days or single meals, you can create a plan that is even more personalized. Most importantly, you’ll be building the habit of including a variety of food and nutrients in each day to help you feel satisfied and sustain your energy. You can take this knowledge and apply it to any of your go-to meals and family dishes.