Canada Wellness Institute:

Our International Story

Wellness Institute’s model for chronic disease management and prevention has always drawn a lot of interest from other hospitals in Canada, and awards and recognition in North America including from the Medical Fitness Association. More recently Canada Wellness Institute has become an international brand and is an active partner in a Joint Venture company to develop facilities and online services for wellness in China.

The opportunity to go global

In 2013 prominent provincial hospitals from China visited Seven Oaks Hospital as part of a North American tour, and became very interested in our model for health management at The Wellness Institute. They invited our leadership to travel to China to present at large conferences and meet with health executives.

That started several years of relationship building with the China Hospital Association and its members, with other prominent hospitals, the Chinese government itself and with businesses interested in investing in health management in China.

Our first tangible project was a pilot facility in Rizhao City on the Yellow Sea in Shandong province where a facility modeled after Wellness Institute in Canada. That allowed us to learn more about working in China, and to understand how to develop our own product and brand.

Earlier this year we began to develop a second joint facility with Taihe Hospital based in Shiyan City, Hubei Province. Work is underway to train managers, design a medium sized facility and develop programs based on the local goals for health management and wellness.

Sustaining our opportunity in China

Canada Wellness Institute has found a partner to make the most of our business opportunities in China. Digital health services provider More Health shares our values and vision for our brand and model and who also wants to make a difference keeping people well in China.

The new company More Wellness is building capacity and a team of expert staff in China to service the needs of existing and future CWI facilities. The company will lead the development of supporting information technology, and market the CWI model and shared vision to the entire country working with partners in healthcare, senior housing, real estate and resorts and tourism centres.

We expect to do great things through this Joint Venture in China, and we expect that we will learn many things we can also use here in Canada, or wherever else someone wants Wellness.

Featured above:

Mr. David Murphy, Senior Trade Commissioner, Embassy of Canada to China

Mr. Kong Fei CEO of MoreHealth

Ms. Carrie Solmundson, CEO MoreWellness

The honorable John McCallum, Canada’s Ambassador to China

Dr. Zeng Qiang Director of the Health Management Institute of the Chinese PLA General hospital

Mr. Bu Jiangyong, Chairman of MoreHealth, Senior Vice President of Sanpower Group

Mr. Yang Hongwei Director General of China Health Development Research Center

Canada Wellness Institute Values

Canada Wellness Institute facilities deliver value to the community and to business partners by employing certified and licensed professional staff in world class medical fitness facilities.

More Wellness Innovation in China

A wellness model invented at Seven Oaks Hospital in Winnipeg is being expanded across China with the creation of a new Joint Venture Company.

China Models Medical Fitness After Wellness

The Wellness Institute at Seven Oaks General Hospital is the first model for medical fitness in China.

中国-加拿大健康管理协会 (CCHA)

This is a non-profit community organization which consists of companies and research centres in the health industry, and entrepreneurs and professionals of health related areas from both China and Canada.