Executive Health Assessments

Investing in health is an investment in the longevity of your business. The cost of losing a senior manager due to illness is extremely high. An executive health assessment helps you plan for the future through early detection and disease prevention.

The Wellness Institute has been a leading provider of executive health assessments (formerly executive medical assessments) for over 15 years. Our state-of-the-art medical fitness facility, proximity to Seven Oaks General Hospital and the Wellness Institute Clinic allow us to deliver seamless testing.

Our comprehensive health assessment shows you what an annual physical cannot. While the exam only takes a half-day, you’ll receive an individualized health and wellness plan that will last for years to come.

Program Overview

1. Receive an assessment

Start with an in-depth exam conducted by a team of physicians and medical specialists. The exam provides a head-to-toe view of health through advanced testing and state-of-the-art medical equipment. Our experts examine a multitude of health clusters, including cholesterol and blood sugar levels, heart and lung health, vision care, and more.

2. Design a personalized health plan

Based on your assessment, our experts can help you design a personalized workout plan and/or nutrition plan. Collaborate with one of our personal trainers to create a customized fitness regimen, or get expert advice on meal planning from our registered dietician. The Wellness Clinic  provides the ongoing care you need to feel your best.

3. Experience lasting lifestyle change

Your individualized assessment report equips you with the tools to commit to early disease prevention and lead a healthier life. A physician can recommend follow-up testing, provide a diagnosis and keep your business in good health.

“My assessment was very comprehensive, and the analysis afterward with the doctor was great. I chose to make a few lifestyle changes because of the results – results that I don’t know I would have received after having a standard halfhour medical with my physician. It’s a good investment. It all goes back to how organizations are only as good as their people. Why wouldn’t you invest in your people to make sure they’re healthy and leading a proper lifestyle to have longevity.” – Doug Harvey | Maxim Truck & Trailer