Personal Training

Take your workout to the next level through expert guidance. Our team of certified personal trainers can help you meet your fitness goals safely and sustainably.

Whether you want an individualized fitness plan or seek the motivational atmosphere of small group training, we offer flexible sessions and formats to meet you where you’re at. Sessions can be adapted to meet a variety of health and mobility needs.

Personal training is available to members and non-members. After completing the registration form, you’ll be paired with a trainer that matches your schedule, goals and preferences. You may also select a specific team member to work with.


Intro to Personal Training *new clients*

30 minute consultation + 60 minute session – $85

30 Minutes

1 Session $45

5 Sessions* – $210 ($42 each)

10 Sessions* – $380 ($38 each)

60 Minutes

1 Session $65

5 Sessions* – $310 ($62 each)

10 Sessions* – $580 ($58 each)

60 Minutes with a Partner

1 Session – $95

5 Sessions – $425 ($85 each)

10 Sessions – $800 ($80 each)

Small Group Training

1 Session – $20

5 Sessions – $90 ($18 each)

Unlimited Monthly – $129

Exercise Programs

1-month program, $50 with any package


*Includes pre & post InBody Body Composition Screening

Sessions are valid up to a year from the date of purchase. Sessions are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Meet the team

Ruel Afurong


Ruel believes that exercise and healthy eating habits are not just a hobby, but a way of life. Ruel has worked with all levels of clients from beginner to athlete, as well as with those with acute and chronic injuries (post-rehab).

Specializations: hypertrophy/strength, weight loss, sports-specific training, strength and conditioning

Jhon Almosara


Jhon believes in training for strength, athleticism, health, and longevity. The focus of Jhon’s training is to help clients reach their fitness goals in an enjoyable, challenging, yet rewarding manner.

Specializations: hypertrophy/strength, weight loss, functional & sport-specific training, kettlebell training

JR Clemente


JR stands by his exercise philosophy that optimal progression is not given but earned. He believes that one can achieve their goals through consistency, a strong work ethic, and self-accountability. Whether it be in weight loss, building muscle, or seeking guidance when training, JR strives to help others realize their potential and ultimately find balance in their overall health.

Specializations: hypertrophy/strength, weight loss, circuit training, group training, functional & sport-specific training.

Marygrace Dela Cruz

B(Kin), CSCS

Marygrace’s goal as a trainer is to ensure each session is in line with reaching your goals by making them efficient, effective, fun and enjoyable. Her experience with training individuals ranges from those just starting in the gym to athletes looking to improve their performance. She provides individualized programs curated to the person’s needs and goals and creative and functional group training sessions.

Specializations: strength and conditioning, general health, weight loss, functional strength training, flexibility, mobility, balance, stability, circuit training, HIIT, TRX, kettlebells, plyometrics, and group training.

Ashley Derlago

BKin, CSEP-CEP, EIMC Level 2

Ashley’s passion for training comes from the inspiration she gets from helping others realize their potential and reach their goals. She motivates clients to achieve what they might not otherwise push themselves to do and strives to make exercise enjoyable.

Specializations: group and personal training, functional fitness, strength and conditioning, weight loss, chronic disease, sport-specific training

Darren Gudmundson


Darren is a firm believer in the motto “work smarter AND harder”. He works to make sessions challenging, functional, and informative, and likes to push people of all populations out of their comfort zone. His upbeat, enthusiastic personality will help you keep upping your weight, and continue to get that extra rep.

Specializations: strength/hypertrophy, weight loss, functional & sport-specific training.

Howie Eugenio


Whether it be training for sport, improving strength, or getting over an injury, Howie strives to help people reach an optimal state of well-being to be ready for the demand of their work, lives and activities.

Specializations: sport-specific training, strength and functional training, kettlebell training, injury rehabilitation.

Jayms Kornelsen


Jayms is passionate about helping individuals achieve their fitness goals whether it is to lose weight or compete in powerlifting. He uses his clinical and high-performance expertise to prescribe exercise to a wide range of individuals. “It does not matter where you are in your fitness journey… exercise is for everyone and should be integrated into your life to assist in becoming the best version of yourself.”

Specializations: powerlifting coach, strength/body building trainer, movement specialist.

Shayla Krowiak


Shayla is passionate about helping clients increase their quality of life through exercise prescription that is specific to their goals. She is a strong believer in exercise as a form of medicine. Whether you are living with a chronic disease or wanting to improve your overall health and fitness, Shayla will always focus on creating exercise programs that are effective and enjoyable.

Specializations: chronic disease, functional fitness, hypertrophy/strength, weight loss.

Allister McNabb


Allister realizes that fitness training can be complicated. For that reason, he provides simple yet effective programming to promote lifelong consistency to people of all fitness levels. Allister believes in empowering his clients by building their confidence to strive towards their goals.

Specializations: general strength & conditioning, weight loss, hypertrophy, functional & sport-specific fitness.

Curtis Relke


It’s Curtis’ goal to pass on the training knowledge he has learned in the past 20+ years with clients. He loves seeing clients thrive, find a love for exercise and continually see progress.

Specializations: weight training (dumbbells, kettlebells, Olympic bar), sport-specific training, high-intensity interval training, agility ladder/footwork training.

Nicole Sigurdson


Nicole believes exercise IS medicine. She believes exercise and a healthy lifestyle should be for anyone at any age. Nicole focuses on exercise and lifestyle planning based on the individual’s wants and needs to help improve their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

Specializations: functional training, chronic disease, muscle growth, strength training, weight loss.

Adrian Theroux


A specialist in building full-body, functional strength, Adrian uses his knowledge of biomechanics and anatomy to refine your technique to keep you injury-free and prevent muscular imbalances. He will push you to perform movements and move weights you never thought possible. Adrian is dedicated to helping clients make consistent progress in all their fitness goals.

Specializations: strength/muscle building, speed/agility, full-body conditioning, technique, injury/imbalance prevention, Crossfit Level 1 Trainer, Crossfit Level 1 Gymnastics Trainer, Agatsu Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor, NCCP Level 1 Football Coach.