Boosting Your Brain Health Pays Off

The Wellness Institute, a leader in disease prevention, is proud to introduce  Total Brain Health® (TBH); an innovative and science-based cognitive training program proven to sharpen cognitive skills, prevent age-related memory loss, and lower dementia risk. The program has been developed by Dr. Cynthia Green, world renowned brain health expert and author and now offered right here in Winnipeg.

With our aging population, brain health is at the forefront of healthcare. By 2031 health care costs for Canadians with dementia will have doubled from two decades earlier, from 8.3 billion to $16.6 billion.

TBH® is a preventative program for those wanting to take better care of their brains by integrating three pillars of wellness; body, mind and spirit.  Classes incorporate fun, experiential activities and the power of groups to advance healthy memory and brain function.

The program is based on decades of research and science that shows that better brain health can be achieved through regular brain workouts combined with a healthy diet and an active and social lifestyle no matter your age.

The classes are designed to promote healthy brain boosting practices that support the very intellectual skills that can diminish with age. The social aspect of the group helps build intellectual engagement by laying the foundation for lifelong habits.

Total Brain Health is currently offered once a week for an hour. “The participants have really embraced the program” says Dawn Ziemanski, Program Coordinator. As one participant stated, “it’s like being at a birthday party, but without the hats.”

The Wellness Institute at Seven Oaks General Hospital has a mission to lead a shift towards the prevention of disease and disability in our community through lifestyle change and health education.

For details contact:
Karin Whalen, Director Community Services