Arthritis Management & Joint Replacement Rehabilitation

People living with arthritis or recovering post-surgery often have unique requirements on their path to wellness and can require adapted programs, therapeutic treatment, or even direct supervision during exercise. That is where our medical fitness model and relationship with Seven Oaks Hospital makes the difference, offering levels of safety, support, and expertise not available at a gym.

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Exercise Programs for Arthritis

PACE - People with Arthritis Can Exercise

This group exercise class is designed for people with arthritis. Movements focus on maintaining and improving joint mobility, endurance, balance, and coordination. Non-members welcome.

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Aqua Arthritis - Exercise in our Warm Water Therapy Pool

This specially-designed class improves strength, endurance, and range of motion. The warm water alleviates joint pain while providing a non-impact environment. Relax in the whirlpool or steam room following. Members only.

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Yoga for Seniors – Yoga That is Gentle on Joints

No mat work means no stress on knees or wrists. This arthritis-friendly yoga class uses a chair to aid with poses and helps build strength and flexibility. Open to members and drop-in guests.

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Recovering After Knee/Hip Replacement Surgery

Post surgical rehabilitation is provided at our  Rehabilitation & Sports Injury Clinic. The clinic is an integral part of Wellness, with a private reception area just inside the main entrance. Within our large clinic space, we are able to offer private treatment spaces as well as dedicated exercise equipment and a team dedicated to your care. Call 204-632-3910 to book services.

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Speed your recovery to get back to doing the things you love after your knee or hip replacement. Let our Physiotherapists guide the process to safely restore your ability to move well and with confidence.


Start with an assessment to evaluate your current status and develop an individualized program for Individual or Group Setting Treatment.

Physiotherapy Assessment: $79.40

  • Post Knee Replacement: Book your assessment 1-2 weeks post-surgery (even with staples still in).
  • Post Hip Replacement: Book your assessment 3-4 weeks post-surgery.


Physiotherapy treatment includes monitoring for complications, restoring range of motion, and training for strength, balance, and ambulation.

Functional tasks such as lifting, carrying, stairs, job and leisure activity goals are addressed. Written home programs are provided.

Hands-on treatment may include scar massage, assisted stretching, and management of swelling and pain.
Choose Individual or Group Setting Treatment.

Individual Treatment: $63.90

Individual treatment allows you to book one-on-one appointments to fit your schedule and support needs.

Group Setting Treatment (formerly “Knee Class”): $30

Each participant has an individualized program that they follow under physiotherapist supervision with regular reassessment and progression. Share experiences and learn what helped others in various stages of recovery. Your support person may accompany you.

$0 enrollment on membership when participating in Post Knee or Hip Replacement Rehab at the Wellness Institute.
All prices subject to change and applicable tax. Our clinic direct bills Blue Cross, MPI and WCB.
Services may be covered under third party insurance plans. Contact your insurer for coverage details.

Starting off Safely with Membership


Helping Members Adopt Healthier Lifestyles

Find new levels of wellness with the guidance of certified professionals in a world-class medical fitness facility. If you have arthritis or joint pain, you will start with professional help upon joining. A Physiotherapist will provide an assessment with an individualized exercise plan that’s right for your health, goals, and abilities.

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See the Medical Fitness Difference

As a Certified Medical Fitness Facility, we are uniquely able to accommodate people from a wide range of fitness levels and life stages. Our medical fitness model and relationship with Seven Oaks Hospital mean we can offer levels of safety, support, and expertise not available at a gym.

Post Knee/Hip Replacement Physiotherapy Knee Class

A post-surgery program will optimize your recovery and overall success of your joint replacement.

Rehab & Sports Injury Clinic

We can help speed the recovery for those who are injured at work or at play.

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Living with Chronic Conditions

Through our relationship with Seven Oaks General Hospital, choose to modify your health and fitness regimens with an option of medical supervision during exercise.

Meet our Team

Our rehabilitation team members are certified in their fields and here to support quick, safe and effective recovery.


Achieving life-changing results comes easier when you add a little wellness.

Members always start on the right path with a personal exercise and lifestyle plan from a degreed exercise specialist. Work towards your goals with group classes that allow you to connect with others or the support of one-on-one training and coaching options.

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Wellness for all

We strive to make the facility easily accessible to all and provide a number of pieces of inclusive fitness equipment. Wellness Consultants can help you find options suited to your needs.

Our Non-member Guests

Non-members are welcome to use our facility on a drop-in basis, register for programs or book any of our services. Find out more about drop-in fees, guest days and attending classes as a guest.