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About Weight Loss for Health Online

A Digital Weight Loss and Cardio-Metabolic Health Program

The program is 4 months of personalized learning and health coaching focused on making lifestyle changes. The program outline describes the journey to improved health. 

Throughout, you will use the Connected Wellness platform to access customized plans, a curated library of health content and Wellness trackers to help manage your progress. Digital reminders and cues lead you through the core program while your Health Coach provides tailored support through appointments and personalized nudges. Continue to access the platform for an additional 8-months after the program to turn your healthy changes into a sustainable lifestyle.

Introductory Offer: $199 (Regularly: $399)

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Your Connected Wellness Platform


One Platform, Many Powerful Features

Access your entire program from your dashboard. See upcoming items at a glance under To Do Today. Use your Circle of Care to connect with your Health Coach by phone or video appointment. Add a star to articles and on-demand classes from your Health Library to make an easy-to-find list of favourites. Set up your Wellness Trackers to support your action plans whether your focus is on meal size, food quality, exercise frequency, weight loss or health improvements.

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Your Personalized Plans

Easily see where you can make improvements to reach your goals. Your personalized plans use colour-coded icons to highlight where you are already on track (green), where you could optimize your habits (yellow) and where there's room for improvements that will make a real impact (red).

Get a personalized Lifestyle Profile, Personal Exercise Plan and Personal Nutrition Strategy to guide you in making safe, effective changes. 

WLFHO Exercise

Beyond Education 

The platform is much more than an online classroom. It guides you through lifestyle change with a combination of assessments, personalized education, coaching appointments and helpful tools, all within the platform. Easily track meals and stay accountable by taking a photo and recording your portions and meal quality. Follow, print or download your recommended exercises, launch your on-demand classes and even connect your favourite activity tracker.  Receive personalized nudges from your coach and schedule your monthly core program phone and video chats. 

Making Positive Changes

Program Outline

Learning the Fundamentals
Month 1

  • Build Your Connected Wellness Profile
  • Complete Your Health & Wellness Assessment
  • Receive Your Customized Plans
  • Health Coaching Session 

Practicing Health Habits
Month 2

  • Building Sustainable Change
  • Progressing Your Exercise
  • Setting Weekly Action Plans
  • Health Coaching Session

Advancing in Your Health Journey
Month 3

  • Self-directed Education
  • Continuing to Progress with Exercise
  • Setting Weekly Action Plans
  • Health Coaching Session

Building Confidence to Move Forward
Month 4

  • Self-directed Education
  • Setting Weekly Action Plans
  • Sustaining Change & Celebrating Success
  • Health Coaching Session

Ongoing Access to the Connected Wellness Platform
Months 5-12

  • Continue to access to the platform for 1 year from your date of enrollment

Getting Started

When you enroll in the program online, you will have the option to enroll in the research component at a special rate, or join without participating in the study at the full rate. You must agree to the waiver and terms and conditions during your registration to participate. Once you've completed the registration form and payment, you will be sent information to access the Connected Wellness platform. Everything you need to participate in the program will be delivered through this easy-to-use platform. 

About the Program

4-months of Personalized Learning and Health Coaching 

Sustaining Change

8-months to Support your Healthy Lifestyle Changes 

Continue using the Connected Wellness platform to support you in maintaining or continuing with your healthy lifestyle changes. You may choose to add Health Coaching sessions for an additional fee for added support.

Use the platform to

  • Revisit your personalized plans and recommendations at any time
  • Keep active using the on-demand classes and prescribed exercises
  • Continue learning with the curated library of health content
  • Use your Wellness trackers to manage changes to your weight, blood pressure, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Begin your journey to healthier living now. 

Introductory Offer: Enroll for Just $199 When You Join the Research Study

Regular Price: $399

*You will be able to review research offer details before enrolling.


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