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The Healthy Aging Day Challenge
October 4-10

Brought to you by a partnership between Active Aging in Manitoba and the Wellness Institute for Active Aging Week and Seniors and Elders Month.

Join us to explore small changes that can add up to better wellbeing. The free challenge is open to all and includes daily emails that feature topics from the Wellness Institute's Lifestyle Medicine experts and Active Aging in Manitoba such as:

  • exercise
  • gratitude
  • mental wellbeing
  • connections
  • brain health, and
  • healthy eating

As part of the challenge, you will:

  • Track your mood, movement and connections throughout the week
  • Learn more about habits and changes that are proven to contribute to healthy aging
  • Explore daily activities that benefit your mind, body and outlook
  • Rethink aging and empower yourself to make changes

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There is no in-person component to the challenge. All daily activities encourage social distancing and safety.