2017 Wellness Institute Charity Golf Tournament

Wellness Institute needs your participation and support.

Most members look at Wellness Institute and see a successful business providing excellent service. That’s true but you may not know that Wellness Institute is a non-profit organization that invests hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to subsidize programs and services that people need and otherwise couldn’t afford.

This includes programs like Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Diabetes Wellness which are only partially funded, and other programs such as Stroke and Neuro-Fit and the many health education and promotion events such as Active Aging Day which are funded as charitable activities by Wellness Institute.

Wellness also does a great job of reinvesting in its facility and maintaining it in nearly new condition. As the building ages, we need to spend more and more to replace large ticket items such as air handling units, roofing, and mechanical and electrical systems, like we did in the therapy pool area last year.

Wellness puts funds into reserves each year for future repairs and capital replacement, and it is committed to maintaining core programs that help people with chronic conditions live well in the community instead of in hospital.

You can help ensure this continues by participating in a fun activity with other members.

Tournament organizer and member, Tony Magian encourages all members to stop and think why supporting this fundraiser is important for the entire Wellness community. “If we want to see continued success and viability of the Wellness Institute, then it falls upon us as members to become involved and support these fundraising efforts.”

Our research shows that exercise and other healthy lifestyle behaviors help those living with chronic disease prevent disease progression and improves overall quality of life. “When it comes to good health, PREVENTION is the least costly and most effective.” says Magian.

Members should be proud to know what they can accomplish; the 2015 tournament raised over $8,000 that went to the Oncology department at Seven Oaks Hospital. IPads were purchased so patients undergoing treatment had something to occupy the long hours they have to spend sitting in a chair.

Register now – with your support, we can make this event a success. Have fun while knowing your participation will directly impact our Wellness community. Visit the Front Desk to pick up your registration form. The tournament will be held on July 7th at the Selkirk Golf & Country Club with a shotgun start at 1pm. Registration is open until June 28th